Blagoevgrad – Goce Delchev , Varosha and Berbatov

Hello, dear friends. It is nice having you in my blog. It is also nice to have the numbers of the posts getting bigger and bigger. Bulgaria is a small country, but there are so many interesting places that can be seen and so may interesting things to be done. Also there are many wonderful cities, which wit for they turn to come and their story to be told.


Today we will speak about Blagoevgrad. The city is situated in 100 kn distance south from Sofia and it is very close to our borders with Macedonia and Greece. This is the city with the greatest number of sunny days during the whole year in Bulgaria. Also the first thing you recognize about the city is a white cross , who is situated on one of the hills and is 33 meters high, but I will tell you about this later.


The old name of the city was Gorna Djumaya, during the Ottoman yoke, Djumaya was word for a market , because near the city every Friday was held a big market place. Nowadays the city is called Blagoevgrad and there are many interesting places and stories for it.


One of the most interesting places to see is the old town , the old neighborhood called ” Varosha” and the church ” Virgin Mary” which is situated in the heart of this district. In this region the houses are like the old style, very beautiful , common architecture like the houses you saw in my articles about Leshten, Kovachevica and Zlatograd. The streets are paved and there is a special spirit , while you are walking or taking photos around. Not forgetting to mention , that there are many cats around the houses and many more around the church. Church ” Virgin Mary ” was built in 1844 , all done and made with the efforts of the local people. There was a legend that women took small stones in their skirt in order for the church to be built stronger and bigger. Church is very beautiful and if you come to Blagoevgrad , you should definitely visit it and light a candle in it ( this is a traditional habit we do and we have as Orthodox Christians). In the yard of the church there are many graves and monument. One monument is of the general Orlovski, who liberated the city with his troops in 1878. Also there is a monument of Goce Delchev and members of his family who fought for the liberation of the city.


Goce Delchev is a national hero, one of the ideal makers and founders of VMRO – millitary organization for the liberation of Macedonia. Macedonia as you know it in its borders nowadays was part of the Bulgarian territory , but several bad contracts signed from our politics leaded to this situation. His ideas were for free Macedonia and Odrin in the territory of the Bulgarian country. He was killed in 1903 in village Banica, Seres district . The ambush was made by one his fellow class mate – Husein Tefikov. The grave and the remains of Goce Delchev are in the church ” Sveti Spas” in Skopjie.


We have also another hero, which faith is connected with the football player Dimitur Berbatov. He was born in Blagoevgrad and played for his own team Pirin. After that he was bought from CSKA. Then you know his brilliant carrier – Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham, Manchester United , Monaco and know is in Paok . Tessaloniki is very close to Blagoevgrad. What I can say for him – he is a very modest guy , with a technique of elegance and high class. Sir Alex Ferguson had said for him that he is one of the most elegant players he had seen in his all carrier. I would like to mention one interesting fact, that probably few of you may know- Berbatov is a also a brilliant painter. He is painting humans and faces , like cartoons but very popular and nice one. Every one in my country is proud with such diamond, especially his home city 🙂



Not on the last place, to mention the fact that the American University in Blagoevgrad ,which was founded in 1991 is an attractive point for many students from different countries. Also here is the South West University “Neofit Rislki”and two more universitites. Thus the city is all the year full with young people. There are many pizza restaurants, caffes , pubs , two malls and lots of discos and bars. City is a popular and favorite destination to all of Bulgarian and for many foreigners from the close countries – Greece and Macedonia.

So what are you waiting, pack , plan and come. I was about to forget.. There are 3 main symbols of the city – you will see on many sculptures and monument -eagles ( symbol of the people faith , spirit and that there are many revolutionary who were born here) , also you will see a flying horse Pegasus ( the legend tell that a woman had passed through the city in recent ages with here horse, he was bout to die and she gave him water from a mountain spring, and the horse came back to live). The third and the newest symbol is the White Cross , on one of the hills. It is 33 meters high and symbolizes the human faith and spirit and can be seen from any point of the city. It was built and opened on 24 May 2014 , on the national holiday of the city and also the holiday for Cyrillic Alphabet and culture , alphabet was created by Cyril and Metodius .


Hope you liked this post. If you come to Blagoegrad , you will feel happy, you will see a lot of things and will have a good memories, I guarantee that to you. Have a remarkable day ….





Petur Dunov – The Master

Good evening, dear all. I suppose you are coming from school, work, university.Staying on the sofa or on a chair, take some rest and want to see what is interesting and new, not only in my blog. Interesting facts usually and most of the time are just in front of of our eyes, but do we want and like to see it as they are.

Today story will be something different from what you may expect as a content of a travel blog. It will be a story of one man, who left many ideas and spiritual techniques behind him, but also made a lot of people to think- how to live better, hot to do better things and how to evaluate living in harmony with nature and all other human beings.

He was and he is a diamond, a man of great honor and symbol for inspiration. You just see his face and his eyes, they can tell all other I will try to explain with my simple words. As you all know there are humans, geniuses or maybe mediators, who come for a while , shake our lives and inner world and go back to where they belong – the Universe.

His name is Petur DunovBeinsa Douno or simply the Master. A man born in the village of Nikolaevka near Varna on 11th of July 1864. His father was the first teacher in this region and after that he became an Orthodox priest. I will pass his early years, but obviously he was a very curious boy , alter and man for knowledge from different spheres.

He graduated the Boston University School of Theology and came back to Bulgaria in 1893. Maybe his mission was to gives us a sign or to change our point of thinking. You know in each nation, there are spiritual leaders and men of great honor and intellectual power – Ghandi, Dalay Lama, Rasputin , Djuna , Vanga , Nostradamus .. and many more. Their ideas as a whole are pointed to the beginning, from where all had started – the nature and the relation between humans and nature and all the sources, we have a connection with , but we are totally devastating and ruining them…

One of the most powerful things that Petur Dunov invented was the White Brotherhood and the special called dance “paneurhythmy “. Why was the bortherhood called white? It has nothing in common with the color of the skin. It is because all the participants in dance, prayers or just lecture are wearing white clothes. He preached for the power of mind, anything can be done or cured with the power of each one positive thinking. I know you have heard a lot about this, but I just have to say it you 🙂

What about this special dance “paneurhythmy“? Usually a great gatherings have been done and now are held in Rila mountain, close to the 7 Rila Lakes. As more of the spirituals believe that the energy is bigger in the highest parts of the mountains, also there is a balance between the energy of our planet, energy of the space, the sun and the all participants in this dance. While they were dancing they are saying prayers… It is a very interesting experince.

The master died in 1944 year and he is buried in Izgrev (sunrise) estate in Sofia. The place is called the Sunny Garden or the Garden with the flowers. It is a very special place close to the Russian Embassy . Each Sunday many people go and stay there , just to think, walk or meditate. While he was alive in this region he was giving his Sunday lectures and explained parts of the Bible to his followers. Also for your information, on this place there are many birds. The place has a special energy and I recommend each one of you , when has a visit to Sofia to come and see it.

Thank you , master for all the lesson of humanity that you had left to us, thank you for all your lectures and positive words. I have not been alive, when you were among my grandfather , mother and father, but I heard a lot of good words for your deeds. After that when I grew up, I read a lot of your books – about diets, spiritual balance and mind and body control, I explored your live and I am happy. I am happy and proud , because we both are Bulgarians . I am happy that I wrote this article about you. I guess all of my visitors will be happy too and will find some of your books. Rest in piece, great minds, great ideas and phenomenons never die !!!!



Sopot – cradle of revolution and scent of freedom

Good evening, dear friends. How are you today? What interesting things have happened to you ? I decided to write tonight as an impulse, as something coming deep down from my soul and heart. Tonight I will tell you a story about one very ancient town in Bulgaria.

I will be writing about Sopot. The town is situated 5 km from Karlovo, from Sofia the distance is 130 km. The town is situated nearly in the bottom on the central Balkans mountain. It is very beautiful place with people , who do have spirit for freedom and it has always been a place of progressive minds and brave men and women. You can reach to there by car, bus or by tramp. I recommend you to go there by car, as you will see very beautiful sight-seeings along the way.

One of the most popular man of this city is Ivan Vazov. He is one of the most famous Bulgarian poets and writers. He wrote the novel “Under the Yoke “, a book about the life of Bulgarians and the preparation for the April revolution in 1876. I recommend you to find and read this book. His statue is situate in the center of the city , next to the statue in the right it is his birth house. When we were under Ottoman Yoke , the city was called the White Church. Yes there is such church and I strongly recommend you to see it.

In Sopot in 1858 Vasil Levski, becomes a monk with the name Ignatii at the church “Saint Spas”. There is something very special when you walk through the paved streets of this town. You do feel special energy, it is not just because it is close to mountain.It is not because there are many famous people and revolution guys born here. We have a sentence in Bulgarian , that the mountain gives birth to people of revolution and strong mind and soul and the valley gives birth to pumpkins .. 🙂

In the city there are 27 fountains running 24/7 with a natural water from the mountain. The name Sopot comes from Slavic tribes and means , that it is a water source , a big lake or river. Also the city has nice climate and big temperature amplitudes. It could be very hot in the day, but in the evening because of the cold air coming from the mountain, the temperatures go rapidly down…

Not on the last place , Sopot is famous with people who do come for paragliding, mountain bikes rides and just to walk into the mountain and take wonderful pictures. The nature is so beautiful , no matter at what time of the year you would plan your stay.

Another places to see : Anevsko castle – it is an ancient castle, over the village of Anevo, which is several km close to Sopot- very beautiful castle. Also the Grandfather Stoyan‘ s Mill, in fron of it there is a saved stone on which Ivan Vazov had the habit to sit and relax. This mill is close to a lift, which is the biggest of its kind on Balkan peninsula and will lead you up in the mountain.

Sopot is a wonderful town. And not just because I spend my summer time there, to a relative of mine. It is because of its spirit, people, nature and secrets… Maybe when you come, you will find the secrets for you, which you will share with your friends…………….



It is your turn

Hello , dear visitors. How are you today? What is the special feeling and the special role that you have given for the new week? There are so many questions I would like to ask you. Yes, this is a travel blog, but I want to know who is on the other side of the monitor..

When I am starting to write or writing a new post, I am asking my self many things. Will all the information be suitable for you, would you like to come and see Bulgaria? Usually, as many questions as I have, as bigger and interesting the article will be. If I am not interested of your opinion, then what is the point of existing of this blog…

So i have decided to ask you few questions about travelling and about the blog. To make my self a better picture of how things will go and what direction this blog will take in the future … Some of them will be short , other will be long. You are not obliged to answer to all of them. I would be happy , if you have time and respond to those you like. Your opinion and feedback will help me to create smarter, bigger and more interesting blog and maybe one day to welcome you face to face in my country… Let’s start with the questions:

  1. What is your favorite post and why ? I definitely like posts with more photos, but I do not know what is the total picture..
  2. What is the picture in your head about Bulgaria, right after you have read few articles?
  3. What do you want to know about me, my occupation, my daily routine and why I had decided to create this blog? If you are curious , I would be happy to answer to all your queries .
  4.  Would you bring or advise some of your friends to visits my blog?
  5. What interesting tips and features would you like to learn about my country, which you have never met or read by now?
  6. If you plan to come to Bulgaria, at which season this would be? If I could help you with advise and useful information, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form on the site.
  7. If you are an author for a day in my blog what a post would you like to write?

I hope there are not too many questions and I have not been boring. Which you a marvelous day and I am patiently waiting for your answers and proposals. Be good and travel the world. Travel and expanding of our horizons, turns us into a better persons 🙂




Bansko- snow, beauty and something more

Hello, dear friends. Not it should be winter, but in Bulgaria the weather is very strange. It should be snowing, but it is raining, and no one knows which season exactly is. As you have seen and read before, I already have a post about winter, but here I will speak about out best ski resort.

The town of Bansko is 170 km in south direction from Sofia. You can reach to there by bus, which will cost you 15 leva/ 7.5 euro. The other way is to go by car. Bansko is part of Blagoevgrad municipality. It is a small town , easy for walking across, but there are many things to be done.

If you are a keen skier , there are many slopes and a big lift. The legends of skiing : Mark Girardelli and Alberto Tomba – “La Bomba” are faces and marketing person , who are having the care of making the city and our country more popular all around the world. We have wonderful nature and the prices here are a little bit lower then the ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

One of the most interesting facts is that Bansko is the birth place of one of the most powerful and influential poets – Nikola Vapcarov.  He was a communist and has been death sentenced , for making and proclaiming pro-Russian and anti government ideas. In my opinion this is one of ht greatest stupidities done on our history. He was a genius , a man who could create , kill and make you think in deep with the power of his words.

When you come to Bansko you should definitely have to taste the local specialty – “Kapama ” and the meat salami ” Banski starec“. Both of them go perfectly with red wine. There are many restaurants and hotels, spa hotels, casinos and another facilities, that will make your stay perfect. If you come here on the spring or in the summer, there are many lovely golf hotels.

Bansko is a lovely town in Bulgaria. If you intend to take a camera with you, do not stop photoing. There are many interesting places and people , who deserve you attention. Have a wonderful weekend…..


Zlatograd – Deljo voevoda and the spirit of freedom

Hello, dear all. Visitors from all around the globe. Maybe at first, you will be my guests here and after you will make the decision to come and see my lovely country – Bulgaria. To see, to recommend and to bring next time many friends with you 🙂


Zlatograd is very interesting town in Rodopi mountain ( by the way this is one of my favorite mountains). The name of the city, literally in English would sold the Golden town , as it used to have a very strong and highly developed mining industry. Also this is the home place of one Bulgarian most loved and powerful revolutionaries from freedom from Ottoman yoke – Deljo voevoda ( in Bulgarian voevoda  is standing for a small armed group of men around 200 – 300 who were fighting with the regular army in Ottoman empire).



I will put the things from another angel , from a different point of view. Usually when you are reading new posts about new places, you would like to know where it is situated, how to get to there, what are the costs of the souvenirs, what traditional food to eat and how much the cabs will be .. I will tell you another name Valya Balkanska…


She is a singer of a traditional Bulgarina music and here voice has traveled the space with both “Voyager ” shuttles with the song ” Izlez e Deljo hajdutin ” ( Deljo hajdutin has been went off ). She was discovered by American – Michael Koening and he said that this song of this singer will be in the Golden disk and will be one of our messages to the universe…. When you listen to this song, you stand still, maybe a tear or more will drop from your eyes and even with not knowing the text  , you will feel the magic ? I am saying the magic, because this is the magic that was in the spirit of Deljo voeovda  , also in the voice of Valya Balkanska and not on the last place in the lovely town of Zlatograd.


We have been there during the Deljo voevoda festival ( days of memorizing and celebrating his memory). This is a memory of a very strong man, who was hard to be killed , that’s way he was killed with a bullet made by silver coin, which was stolen from him. The place where he was killed , there is a monument which is called the Stone of Deljo voevoda, also there is a big memorial of this legendary man and hero in the center of the city.


During these several days of festival – the people are in the old traditional clothes, it is like how the market place has been done 200 years ago. There are peoples singing, dancing and also the most famous Bulgarian musicians with back pipes… This is just a miracle, I wish all of you to see and to feel this atmosphere. All the scenes took and take part in the complex which is with all reconstructed houses and paved streets . This all has been done by  engineer Alexander Milushev.  The Deljo voevida festive days are hold in the third decade of month of September close to or on the date of our Independence – 22nd of September.


After you have been to the festive days with people around the streets you should have to go to the traditional restaurants in the center, where they cook delicious. You should taste the potatoes from Zlatograd and their traditional meat specialties. I bet , you would be more satisfied then me, if you take the chance and come to see ths wonderful place 🙂



On the last place there are many interesting churches to be seen – “Saint George ” and ” Uspenie Bogorodichno“. I forgot to mention that the town is 300 km south east from Sofia , 60 km from Smolyan and it is very close to the border with Greece.


What else I can say to you, when you enter in the city of Ztatograd  you feel some special magic, some special power and feeling that the mountain is watching you. There is something , which stays down – deep in your heart and makes you feel and share this wonderful experience. Zlatograd ( Golden town) is waiting for you, come one do not waste your time, hurry and pack… This voyage will be one of your favorite and maybe the best one…..



Leshten and Kovachevica – let the fairy tail begin

Hi  , dear all. Today I will tell you a story about Rodopi mountain. This is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria. Usually in the mountain there are special places with special stories and some mystic ways to get to them and to know the story of their creation and about their first inhabitants.


As you have seen from the heading of the post , the article will be about two villages who are very close to each one and are just gorgeous. They are very close to the city of Goce Delchev ( around 20 km) and are situated in the western part of Rodopi mountain. The road to there is very narrow and if you see car coming up to you, you have to wait or make great maneuvers. Also the view is marvelous, on the left hand there is a perfect view to Pirin mountain. As high as you get in the mountain, the air is fresher and you feel your lungs refined and pure. In the mountain all your body and soul empowers and revives. You are somehow close to o, close to the ancient people and the spirit of times, when technology was not that expanded in our routine and daily work and minds.


Leshten – bio tourism and marvelous houses made all from stone :

The first impressions of this cozy and very beautiful village is like the time has stopped and you are in a fairy tale. All the houses are made simply and only from stone. For ages people in the region of Bulgarian , have built and made their houses with stones, also the roofs are from stone parts. Also the little streets are all paved with stones. The story of this village is that a businessman bought all the houses , re-innovated and re-constructed them and now all of them are open for guests. Also there is a famous house, which resembles to the house of Flinstones cartoon movie. This one is also opened for guests. While you are crossing the small streets of this place  , you listen to birds singing and all around you there are so many fresh green trees and grasses. Not forgetting to mention the lovely , traditional, bio meals that you can eat here – yogurt ( cedeno kiselo mliako) , also you have to taste the traditional wine which they produce on this place.

Kovachevica – Bulgarian Hollywood and the tradition of renaissance of buiding of stone houses


If you have been impressed by Leshten , just wait and see the surprises that are waiting for you in Kovachevitza. This is a cultural and national heritage also a reserved city , as it is a fairy tale of masterpiece houses , paved streets , beautiful church ” Saint Nikola ” and also view that can make your heart stop for 5-10 seconds. In this place there are shot a lot of Bulgarian classical movies like : ” Mujki vremena “( Men ‘s time ) , “Mera spored mera “, ” Biala magia “( White magic) , Don Kihot is coming back , ” Vreme razdelno ” and “Kozia rog” (  The Goat horn). The last one was chosen for the best Bulgarian movie for the last 100 years. Also it was in the top 10 of most powerful and influential movies for the last century. I recommend you to watch it..


There is an interesting story about the name of this picturesque village. There was a very smart woman which was the wife of the smith in the village. When there was a quarrel or something which could not be decided or resolved by few people they also said ask the wife of the smith. In Bulgarian smith is kovach and the wife of the smith was called Kovachevitza.

The architecture of the houses is very unique. The houses are on two or three floors , all made from stones. On the first floor there were the animals ( sheep and cows ) on the upper floors , were the inhabitants. The streets are narrow and all paved . You can imagine what wine stays in the basins of such gorgeous houses. Also every where you go , you can buy traditional Bulgarian souvenirs.


On the last place , I would like to say about the church ” Saint Nicola” in Kovacheviza. It was buint in the 19 century for 7 years only from local architects and masters of building. It is all made from stones . The belfry was made several years after the building of the church. When you enter there, you feel special and mystic power. In the west part of the church there is a church school. Also there are preserved and well kept several icons and pictures from old times.


There are many beautiful places, that await to be seen and photoed. Maybe on your next trip, you will see the one I have mentioned in my post , I do not know. But I give you my word, once you have seen these places and this marvelous stone houses you would wish to come back with bigger company. Have a nice day ahead…









Miracle rocks – just hold your breath

DSC_1462Hello, dear readers. I will tell you a story about one phenomenon of nature. It is called  ” Miracle rocks ” , in Bulgarian it is said Chudnite skali. This place stands on 90 km south from Varna, municipality Dulgopol on the road between Provadia and Aytos. Close to the road there is the railway between Plovdiv and Varna. The rocks lay on one of the sides of Conevo dam, this is the 3rd biggest dam in Bulgaria , which was made after connecting the waters of Kamchia river and also forced people form one village to go to another place ,in order to create the dam. Close to the rock phenomenon stays Asparuhovo village, where there are many guest house , made at your convenience at a reasonable prices.


Conevo dam is a very interesting and scary place. When you go there you will definitely see some boats with fishermen, usually 3 or 4 people, because there are immense fishes in the waters of this dam. The rumors say there are so huge catfishes , who are above 100 kg weight and there are also many people taken and killed by them. It does not matter from what point of view , you are watching the dam, either from the Miracle rocks, or from the road – you feel hypnotized and somehow astonished…..


To get to the rocks , you have to swerve from the main road and to have a walk by feet. From a long distance , the cliffs look like and ancient castle and make your breath stop. It is a natural phenomenon built by wind, water and limestone. It is unique masterpiece. There are three main rocks complexes with big towers and tunnel which was made by humans…


My first impressions were from a place close to heaven, I was in such intimacy with nature..  I bet all of you had felt this sense or have been in such situations, when you just said to your self, oh God you have created such things , that even a whole life could not be enough to understand and realize some of them…


It is very windy when you cross and pass though the tunnel and have a look around, taking pictures and feeling fascinating and amazed by all that beauty. Here is the place to mention that this place is favorite one for climbers and fisherman. Close to the natural phenomenon Miracle rocks there is a cottage up in the mountain and there are many path ways, favorite for the tourists.


I have never been passing by that place with train, but I can guess and imagine that it would be great to take pictures from it. The interesting thing is the bridge that is built over the dam, the road needs to be prepared , but the feeling when you travel with car is gorgeous. On the right hand you have the waters of the dam and the ancient castle of the Miracle rocks, on the left one you have again the waters of the dam plus the railway , all the other surrounding is green trees and grass. It is just amazing. On this place you can take hundreds of photos.


Close to this phenomenon is situated the city of Provadya, also known as one of the most ancient cities in Europe. In my future posts , I will write about this interesting place as well. If you like climbing, catching fish or if you are just a keen fan of tourism and also great photographer, just take your time, leave some weeks of your vacations and step by. Miracle rocks is a place that will stay forever in your heart. And I promise you , that after you see it and come back to your countries and home places, even the mentioning of its name, will make your heart shiver and a mysterious smile will appear on your face.. See you very soon.








Pobiti kamuni – do you dare?

Good evening, dear friends and dear followers. It is a great pleasure for me to have you here with me , not literally net by me, but staying close and reading with your breath hold all the new and upcoming articles. It is a great challenge to write and to explore with you all the nice and marvelous places of my lovely and beautiful country – Bulgaria.



Yes,  I know that for more of you, your countries are the most beautiful ones. All I want from you is to stand and sit patiently and to read as much as you can. To see the pictures, to think, maybe to decide and to come to see with your own eyes. I do not want more from you, I just want you to feel all the beauty and lovely places, if you dare to come , you will be welcomed and your stay will count, will count not as a visit , it will be counted as already made good choice. Because good choice is a privilege of intelligent and good people. I know your good, so the next lines are for you….

I will tell you today a special story, I will give you a pass to a very intimate and unique world. I love mysteries, how about you ? Everyone has attraction and feeling about the unexpected and hard to be explained things and stories, why not about some ancient and sacred places.



One of these places in Bulgaria is called ” Pobiti kamuni “, if I have to be correct with the translation , they are like put there from somewhere, some stones who do have a great resemblance with “Stone Hendge” in UK . The place is situated at 18 km distance from our sea capital Varna. It is easy accessible by car and once you get there you will fell like being hypnotized. You will feel something, that will make your skin shiver. Maybe you will feel yourself as a part of a big mystery, which will not be found easily to be explained. You just have to feel and see it…



For me it is a sacred place, a place that has its own history and it is a cultural heritage. It is something that gives us some signs, maybe the ancient people left us signs to walk our road easily. Most of the stones are high between 2 and 10 meters. Also I must have to say , that the feeling is like in big labyrinth in Geometry. You see a lot of symbols and shapes and you keep asking yourself what is the meaning of all of it. Why is this complex of figures so big ???


I meant to write a very long post, a post with many numbers , advises and prices. but…. I will let the pictures speak by themselves. If you are interested and if you have seen just a small percentage of all I have mentioned above, please make the next move and be the next visitor of Dikilitash – ” Pobiti Kamuni “.




Perperikon – close to Gods or close to human excellence

Good day , dear fellows. How do you feel today ? What is your mood and how do you like my travel blog? The power of blogs is consisting of the facts and directions that can transfer you to different places and give you hint and clue how and where to go in the best possible way.


My country is very reach of historical monuments, ancient complexes, fortresses and castles. Not forgetting to mention churches and miracles of nature, which will be future participants in next posts. There are such holly places, such historical heritage that touches you inside and turns around all your world. This feeling I had when I entered the Colloseum, when I went to Vatican and when I stood in front of the doors of Uffici museum. Such a strong emotion and electricity through all my cells, I felt when I went to Perperikon previous year.


What is Perperikon? Is this a saint place, just a castle and a special place , all made by stone , with many paved streets, Oracle place( Acropolis) and mystical legends are just floating around in this place, while we were walking and listening to guide’s stories. I was all shivering the time, while I was waling upstairs over the paved streets, terraces and ruins that were about to start talking and telling many and interesting stories. We were a big group and every single one of us was astonished from all the things we saw and heard about. While you were reading, probably you are getting curious about the details, hot to get to there and how much money to prepare. Do not hurry, I will tell you all the information, I just want to enter in this story as it was knocking in my mind and wanting to appear in the most glamorous way on a white horse , holding golden crown and smiling to you and me.


We started our trip from Sofia heading to highway to Plovdiv and made a turn to Parvomai, going to Kurdjali. We were passing through small and interesting villages, heading south we saw many interesting places, who were photoed by my wife. In a 15 km distance north east from the city of Kurdjali is Perperikon. It is a very bad way to get to there , as it has not been re-innovated for many years. There are road tables in Bulgarian and English , which will guide you on your way. It is a very picturesque experience, as you are going deep in the Rodopi mountain, as you also are crossing small villages with very nice and good people, who will help you with open heart. The times in travelling from Kurdjali to Perperikon is 30 minutes bu car. Let’s me now point you all the main things about this sanctuary and holly place :


  1. When you park your car there , they will take you 1 lv( 0,5 eur) parking fee. Also the entrance for the complex is 6 lv ( 3 euro) , for students and pupils are 2 lv ( 1 euro). If you want to take a guide, it will cost you 30 lv ( 15 euro). I recommend you to do so, as you will learn interesting stories. There is available English guide course.
  2. When you start your way  climbing and heading up to the sanctuary , you have to wear comfortable shoes, because other wise you risk to come back down shortly. You will be walking on stones and maybe losing your breath  , but when you go up you will fell happy and satisfied. The view from up side of the hill is just marvelous. This sanctuary belonged to Bessi, a Thracian tribe which were mystical and people who loved working and creating brilliant art works. When you see how the stones were made, you realize that nothing can be put between 2 connected stones.
  3. All the materials were brought from the valley , which was an immense labor. I could hardly believe and imagine, how much it worth for building such a masterpiece, a castle, an Akropolis ,  a church and a holly place, which was not only secure but full of beauty and marvel.
  4. The temple of Dionisos – thracian tribes loved to drink wine and Dionisos was their favorite God. Also one of the most important place in Perperikon is the Oracle place , the Akropol where two great predictions have been made. Here on this place using the method of firing wine on a saint place , oracle had predicted to Alexander The Greatest that he will expand his Empire till Asia and also the grandeur and magnificence of Roman Empire were predicted here.
  5. The ” father” of history Herodotus, said that the sanctuary in Perperikon and the predictions made there are the 2nd valued after the ones did by the oracle in Delphi.
  6. Proves for living in this place were found and dating from 5000 years B. C . In the ancient days the whole area of this sanctuary place was around 12 square km.
  7. On the right hill that stands next to Perperikon are about to be made new excavations and probably more interesting facts will be found and revealed to the public and to the many tourists coming here from many different countries in the world.
  8. When you come back down to the parking place, you may buy yourself souvenirs , map of Bulgaria and the region. You may also buy wooden , traditional spoons, which will cost you 4 lv ( 2 euro).

In a conclusion , I like to say that this pace will stay forever in my heart and I will definitely come back. I do not know if it will be this or next year. My advise to you is to come and see it. All the pictures, and the words cannot describe the magic, the creation and the powerful energy which shines and speaks from every stone and part of this masterpiece. I do not know, if I was close to Gods on Perperikon ( 470 m height from the ground) , but I was deeply in touch with the pure masterpiece of humans dating back in the days , when technologies were just a dream. I felt more then perfect. Now it is your turn to decide …..