Veliko Turnovo – old capital of Bulgaria

Good morning, dear travelers. Winter is not the perfect season for searching and expanding new directions and cities, but it worth trying. When we say or you hear about Bulgaria, you connect the name of the capital with one city -Sofia.

But there is one town, which use to be capital of The Second Bulgarian state and also after the liberation from Ottoman yoke it was capital for several years. The name of this town is Veliko Turnovo. It is is situated in the north western part of Bulgaria and is surrounded by brilliant nature.

One of the most popular place to see and took photo at is Tzarevetz – the famous castle. Which on National Holidays and historical dates is all covered with light and becomes glorious and too beautiful. Also for your information Veliko Tunovo is above the Yantra river and many of the districts and houses are like a birds put on that hills. It is something I have seen in Budapest or it resembles to Rome with its hills, here there are not seven. When you have river and hills, nice, tiny roads and cozy houses give that special feeling and harmony , when you visit this place as a tourist or just like a professional photographer.

One very popular place to see in the town is the monumnet ot Tzar Asen and Tzar Petur , which lead the rebellion movement in 1185 for liberating the state from Byzantion yoke. As from the sources of many reliable scientist and people, lived at that time , Veliko Turnovo resembled and was like Rome, Constantinopole and Jerusalem. The capital not only of one country , but its cultural , historical and architectural heart.

In the town of Veliko Turnovo you may see many tourists and and students, as there are plenty of universities here. For those of you who will come for the first time, I advise you to try and visit all of the restaurants and small places, who have a view to the Yantra river and the monument ot Asen and Petur ( tzars). This place is magical. Many of the foreign visitors, first go to Turnovo, Varna , Plovdiv then they come to the real capital now – Sofia. It is your choice to chose your first direction in Bulgaria. Be good and be always curious 🙂



Arbanasi – watch and feel

Good morning, dear travelers. It is a very productive day , as this is my second post( not only in this blog). The reason is, that probably I see the sun and the temperatures are not like –20 degrees Celsius🙂 I am joking, I have the muse on my side and do not want to let her go, till I am finished with all my writings 🙂

Today I will be speaking about small town , close to the old capital of BulgariaVeliko Turnovo. I will write about a place which has 5 churches, 2 monasteries and just marvelous houses from the period of the Bulgarian Revival. I felt this place only one month ago , and would love to share with you my impressions.

As you have seen and read from my other posts about Bulgaria, I always invite you to come and see it with your eyes. This time , I will invite you with the words: to breathe and feel the atmosphere of Arbanasi. A place which will stay and last in your heart forever. Arbanasi reminded me to Koprivshtica. Small towns , but with great spirit, architecture, many tourists, live traditions, many restaurants with traditional cuisine .Also the air is just perfect and the views.. Oh , my God these views…

I want to avoid one mistakes in blogs, if you are writing too short story, everyone is sad .If the story is too long, no body comes till the end of it. This place has its power and energy. Also there are many new houses and hotels built there, but trying to keep the same, old and marvelous style. One advise I can give you, no matter of the season, try to walk every night through the narrow streets, watch the stars and listen to the song of the wind. Even if you do not know our language , you will feel what I am speaking about.

If you liked this article, you will come for more. If you come for more, you may come to Arbanasi. If you come to Arbanasi, you will shoot the best pictures of your live. If you do all these steps, then my mission for creating and supporting this blog is achieved. My advise, never stop to find and search for new travel, spiritual and mind destinations. Be good and be always open to what is happening inside and outside your inner world 🙂




Peles- castle of Romania and world heritage

Good day, if you may. The most interesting part, when you are traveling to different places are the traces these places leave in your heart. It does not matter if we speak about, cities, people , castle or marvelous seas and mountains. Traces , these are the main reasons to try to discover many and new challenges in life as a whole.


Today , I will be speaking about a splendid place in Sinaya mountain, Romania. It is called Peles castle ( castelul in Romanian language). I must say , that the place is chosen and bought by Karol I with great mind and sense. It is not only nature, clean and fresh air, it is kind of a special place. I always love the air in the mountain….

I have to admit, that this castle is not just beautiful and amazing. It has German, Italian styles. It has everything and makes you fall in love with it. The archery room, many pictures and lovely colors. It is more of the masterpiece of culture and architecture in Romania.

My favorite place was the library. I die for reading and having as much books as I can. In every castle this place has its own magic and charm. Many and old books, have their stories and their scenarios , which are only and simply written for you….

Dining place and bed rooms, class. Class and luxury , there words symbolize the meaning a lot. If you are a queen or a king, these words are always at presence in your daily routine and life.

And it comes to nature outside, you will see it from the pictures and you have to see it as well with your own eyes. Some things have to be felt with the heart. I will leave speechless here….



Bratislava – place to see

Good day , dear fellows. Today I will introduce you one very beautiful city. The capital of Slovakia – Bratislava. We came by bus from Prague and what I can say it that  I was totally impressed by this magnificent city.

Usually the first impression, are the ones that stay forever. We saw the many bridges over Danube, the beautiful houses of Parliament , Theater , Opera and Museums. It was some picture between Prague and Ljubljana. Very beautiful architecture and the feeling like you are in home.

The people on the streets were all open, smiley and somehow hospitable. The common heart-opened people from Eastern Europe,we have the same hospitality here in Bulgaria.  There were also many foreigners : US citizens, Russians, Italians etc.

Famous people from Slovakia are : Marek Hamsik , Dominika Cibulkova, Martin Skrtl, Martina Hingis, Daniela Hantuchova and many more . It is usually in Czech Republic and in Slovakia to meet the names Peter, Marek ,Martin and Martina. They are very beautiful and most used names. As a total most popular sports in country of Slovakia are : football, tennis and ice hockey.

The thing that made me high impression was that in Slovakia beer is perfect, like in Prague. Wonderful one with many sausages and nice things to eat. I am a great fan of beer. For those who are still hesitating, pack your baggage Slovakia is awaiting you.

Prices are affordable. One thing that made me huge impression was the great number of beggars on the streets. Also there are many churches in Bratislava. For those who do not know they are catholic -protestants. The city of Bratislava is one diamond, that each one of you must see.





Budapest – Danube, beauty , history and many more

Goo day , dear friends. The truth is that this article had waited a long time, until this sunny day make it happen and appear in front of your eyes. Sometimes I do not feel prepared enough, to write and to share what I felt, during my trips in Bulgaria and all around Europe, hopefully my adventures will soon move to another continent:)

When I speak or share smiles about cities which are near rivers of seas, the feeling is just marvelous. These water resources usually give their beauty and spirit to all parts of the surrounding. As you all, dear readers know, water has memory and this memory can be felt. It is not just a poetry or writing technique, these are explorations and science works, which are devoted to this information.

When we entered the city  6 months ago, I was astonished. Many people, lots of traffic and transports ( city of Budapest is over 2 million of people , 1/5  of the inhabitants in Hungary).  Actually the capital of Hungary is united by two parts Buda and Pest. Buda is the part with the castles in front of the Parliament and Pest is 2/3 part of the city.

Tourists love the older part of the city – Buda with all the bridges, churches , cathedrals and castles. It is like a grandeur built and put on a hill. As being part of Austrian- Hungarian empire, this city has many stories to tell you.  I usually have the dilemma how much to write in the post. From a short time, I had decided the pictures to speak by themselves. I made my decision this way, because we live in very hard times, people do not have time to smile to each other. So many of the words can just swipe and fly away, but the pictures will stand for a long time in your mind 🙂

We also took a small ship, and traveled under all bridges and taking marvelous pictures. One of the most eminent building here in Budapest is the house of Parliament, it took very long time to be constructed, but it is amazingly, extremely beautiful by day and night. There are many tourist ships, who carry many and many tourists. Danube is the biggest river in this part of Europe, it comes from Schwarzwald mountain , takes a picturesque trip east and goes to the Black Sea. Danube passes through Wien, Novi Sad, Ruse, Svishtov and many more.

Another marvelous place is the Heroes Square . I was left speechless , when I saw those beautiful monuments and statues. Usually this is a place for great concerts and celebrations of national holidays in Hungary. Near this swuare there is a big thermal bath, open 24 /7 and many historical places and streets. The squares lays in the center of Budapest.

What I can say to you  dear friends is that Budapest is in my top 5 of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You can see here picturesque places, many tourists, amazing night clubs and bars. Also an interesting feature is the Hungarian language, it has nothing in common with all other languages , I have heard. It seems very hard to be understood and learnt, but it is an interesting one. If you are hesitating to take a trip to this marvelous city, please leave all hesitations back. Budapest is ancient, beautiful and totally charming. I guarantee you, that you will fall in love straight away. Be back soon, bye for now :):):)


Prague – art, bridges, beer and more…..

I am back again , dear tourists, bloggers or just people, who like to transfer to different parts and points of Europe, while reading my blog.  When I catch the muse , I am obliged to write as much as I can, because there comes days, when nothing can be produced or written…


This year, we have been to several marvelous capitals in Europe and one of it is Prague. It is one of the most visited cities in the world from tourists , you can see : Japanese, Chinese, Americans and many , many people from Europe. Prague is rich of beautiful bridges, cathedrals, churches and monuments.


On every step you take, there are at least 20 things, that deserve your attention and another 50 for shooting with a camera. It is like a book with millions of pages, and each one deserves special attention, but you have to have at least one month to see all the sight-seeings…


I have been to many places and cities in Europe, but this one just took my attention, make my heart shake and I was like hypnotized. Is it just because of some kind of beauty, or just I went into a masterpiece , I do not know. There are moments in live, when you get into a total shock, but a nice shock -cultural , art and musical. You are and will be in another world……


I will tell you you abut the astronomical watch from 1410 which is the only working from that time. On the square where it is situated, there are always many people, seeing the figures dancing. It is a special clock and I will tell you no more about it……


One of the most important thing to do is drink their marvelous beer : Budweiser, Staropramen or other kind of beers, which goes perfectly with schizel, potatoes or sausages…. You can go and take a tour with carriage , there are many of the in the central part, like in Wien.


What else I can tell you – this is not just a city it is a special place for young people, tourists, lovers of photography or just people who are that much in love, that stay to live in the city till their way on this planet finishes. In Prague there is some special romance,like in Venice. If you think,that I am joking then you have mistaken the blog :):):)


Wien – music for the eyes

Good day, dear friends. It is very cold in my country, all is covered with snow, temperature is -10 degrees Celsius , but I am fine and ready to write. We have been to one of the cities in Europe , which is considered to be a cradle of culture, art and music.


Yes ,  I am speaking about Wien. It is not just a marvelous architectural masterpiece. The whole city is like a music, like a song which gently invites you to dance, and to dance till the end of you days on this planet. There are so many beautiful buildings, boulevards, castles, the Prater – the famous park of the city……



I can speak with names : Belvedere, Shonbrunn, the marveous Zoo in Shonburnn park, the old part of the city, the tiny tramps, the all taxies , which ara all : Mercedez, BMW and Porche. To speak about the calm and gentle spirit of the city. If you want me , I can remain silent.


The funny thing is that , Wien is like a big heart which welcomes everyone, no matter if they are citizens, tourist or firs and last time visitors. Same feeling , I had while I have been to Rome and Prague,maybe common emotion I had in Budapest.


The city , the former capital of the Holly Roman Empire, never sleeps, and she does not want you yo sleep, to feel bad or in bad mood. There are such special places, that when you come, see, feel them, you realize that they will last forever in your heart. And also they will want to come back and see, picture, speak about them.


We also have been to Shonbrunn Palace and Belvedere. What to say? When you have faced such a remarkable masterpieces of architecture , you just remain silent. The same emotion I had , when I had entered the Colloseum 7 years ago. Man can do and achieve anything. It is not only about will and money. It is about the constant search of harmony and mathematical expression of love, music and geometry…..


What about the citizens of Wien? Very, very nice people. Always open and wanting to help you. If you do not speak German, do not worry, most of them speak and understand English. The prices are high, but this is normal, this is the capital with one of the biggest tourist flow for decades.


One thing I would like to recommend you.. Go to the Zoo in Schonbrun Palace – Garden, it is just remarkable.. The most interesting thing for me was to see a panda live. Here is our Zoo in Sofia, we do not have such bear…. What are you waiting, pack and travel to one of the most eminent city in the world ……



Plitvice lakes – natural beauty

Good evening, dear friends. I have special feelings , when I am writing about one country which is very close to my heart. If you are a regular visitor in this blog, you would have recognized and realized  , that I am speaking about Croatia.


I heard two of my friends, speaking one day about Plitvice lakes. They said , that they are so gorgeous that , they can visit it regularly each year. I though , what a miracle this should be. One of my girl friend had visited over 50 countries from all around the Globe and she was about to visits this place for 5th or 6th time.


If I wanted to give you just figures, I would sip and put to your attention numbers and numbers. All I can say and promote is this : 1 million visitors from all around the world visit this place. It is part of a National Park which is preserved and saved by UNESCO. The lakes are sixteen and also there are 20 caves, which usually are not shown for visit. Also in the woods around the lakes, there could be found bears( brown ones) , many salmon in them , foxes , wolves … Yes, this is a peace of heaven, I am not joking……


Also the National  Park is close to the border with Bosnia and Hercegovina. From November till March the whole place is covered with snow and the lakes got frozen on January and February. Also around one of the biggest hotels around , you will feel the smell of onion and garlic, these are they wild relatives. This place is not just a piece of Paradise, it is a place to which you would like to come back regularly. Now it is time to enjoy the perfect pictures from there :




Venice – before, after and forever

Good evening, dear night riders, readers and the ones, who search beauty and culture everywhere around themselves. There is something unique, when we start to speak about Italy . Italy is the cradle of art, music, fashion and nice coffer. Maybe it is the cradle of romance and love, not only because of the story of Romeo and Juliet. It can be the lad of nice wine as well?


One of the most special cities in Italy is Venice. The town -Republic, the dominant power in the sea trading and vast conqueror of territories , cultures and many art-fact, the city in the Laguna, which is kept by wooden bars , over the sea level. Is it all real?


There is one interesting argument, which city is better Rotherdam or Venice, both are unique, this is for sure. On thing I must say – Venice has the beauty of masterpiece, which will live and last long after we leave this world and planet. This city is like Rome,Florence, Dubrovnik , Paris – it is like a breathing “creature”, which has in its stone walls and roofs the history and legend of many people, who gave their life for a grandeur, that will last for ages.


The most eminent places in the city are : Piazza San Marco , the Castle of the Dodges , Fish market , The Rialto bridge, the Bridge of whispers and Canale Grande with all special boats, called ” gondolla“. Also there is a mask parade each year, which attracts many tourists. Venice is a very crowded and expensive tourist destination, but it is so beautiful and magnificent, that you have to to feel regret for a single time or a  second.


If you have time to cross all the squares and small paves streets, you will get amazed by the architecture genius of the people, who gave their talent to built a city in the sea. To give life and beauty to everything their talent was in touch with. You have to walk and open all your senses and your heart. In order to love and want to see Venice more, you have to love it. Because without loving it, you would not be able to feel it and see it, the way most romantic souls do.


One thing, I was about to forget, in the city you will see many lions with wing, which is the symbol of the city and the area of Veneto, which administrative capital is the city of Venice. All I can say is, that I lost my breath when I stepped into this masterpiece. Also there are shops of all world known and famous fashion marks, the city of Venice does not sleep and can provoke even the most sophisticated and caprice people. Venice is a throne of glory and if you are ready to be king or queen, please feel welcome to open your heart and eyes in this universe of beauty and harmony.




Dubrovnik – the pearl of Adriatic sea

Hello , dear travelers , readers or normal first time visitors of my blog. Today is a writing day, so I am standing next to you and I am giving life to my new post. When you are giving life to something, you want anyhow or anyway to not be ashamed by your “creature “. This is a blog about travelling and today I will show and represent you one very beautiful city in Croatia.


Dubrovnik, also known in Latin time as Raguza , is a masterpiece in 16th  and 17th it had a leading domination after Venice city, because great part of trade, ships and people, were passing through Dubrovnik. The old town is that beautiful, that lord Bayron when visiting the city in 1929 , said that : “this is the heaven on Earth”. I can say that this is one of the most beautiful cities ,I have ever seen. And it is not only because of the architecture or the small paved street.It is not only because you are listening and hearing the songs of Adriatic sea, it is because of some calmness and harmony nevertheless there are thousands of tourist coming with buses, ferries or ships.


To whom which never have been to Croatia, I highly recommend to taste their naturally made ice cream,it is magnificent. People in Dubrovnik are very friendly and smiling, positive and also speaking many and different languages.


It is very interesting when you pay for a tour over the city walls. For all of you who like taking pictures, this is your heaven of Earth. On one hand you see the roof of the houses, on the other the Adriatic seas, also in front of your eyesight there are small gardens with oranges, or even small back yard pitches with basket playground. As all of us well know, Croatians are very good not only in football, but in basketball as well.


If you like travelling by sea , you can hire a yacht or a boat, it is expensive, but every cent worth, when you have come to such a gorgeous place. Not forgetting to mention , that big part of the old city was demolished and ruined by the bombs of Serbian planes, during the 6 years war for Independence of Croatia ( 1991-1996). After the end of the War with the help ofUNESCO, the city was all re-built and re-constructed. When you enter the old town , there is a map on the right showing where were the biggest hits by the bombs.



You can by many souvenirs from a shop nearly on every corner, the traders usually take only Kunas, but you can have luck to pay with Euro as well. Also I have to admit there is some art spirit in the city. It is like a cultural heart of Croatia. Yes, Zagreb is the biggest city and I have also been there, but in Dubrovnik there is something special in the air. You have to come and feel it. See you soon, dear travelers :):):)