Zagreb – love and more

Good day , dear visitors. This story will be very special and interesting. This is how I feel , when I write about one of my favorite countries, excluding my home country – Bulgaria. This is a country , which has rich history , good people, nice climate, good wines and marvelous nature. As you have seen from the section of this article, it will be about some Balkan country , some country , which also has nice Adriatic sea beaches and has been known in the past as the Roman Province – Dalmatia and also the dogs Dalmatians, have their origin from this place.


I have visited this beautiful place 3 year ago, when we were going to the gorgeous city of Dubrovnik. It was one of my dreamed destinations, after the eternal city of Rome. But actually my interest date back in time, when I used to play professionally basketball, I had one idol , one man , one star and one humble person, who showed to the athletes in the USA , how good a white boy can be. How good a man can be in the eyes of his team-mates , in the eyes of everyone. He is an angel and he is watching us from somewhere, whit his honest and deep eyes. Rest in peace, Drajen. You are a hero of many people, from all around the world.


So you will think what is the common between Drajen and the heading of this post. He played for the team of Cibona Zagreb and also his statue is in front on the basketball hall. I could not see it, but I was watching on the T.V when the statue was ready and all the people in the crowd, were smiling and crying joyfully.


The capital of Croatia,Zagreb is one very beautiful city with lovely blue tramps.  I do not know do they have in common with the color of the local football titan- Dynamo Zagreb, but they are marvelous. We did have time to walk and take picture in the center of the city , and we got really touched. Touched by the beautiful weather and the clam atmosphere. Many tourists and interesting architecture . Also I realized that the tie was invented in Croatia, as have seen many shops for men fashion with only hand-made ties on their windows. I had intended to write a lot, but usually when there is a big post, you got lost your audience somewhere in the begging of it.  I will add some more information and will let the pictures speak by themselves. You can shop in Croatia with Kunas, which is their national value – 7.5 kuna is 1 euro. In some of the shops local people can take euro as well. Also the city is very clean, people are hospitable, their  ice-cream and beer are wonderful :):) I felt in love with this city , if you think that you can have and feel the same grab the first train, bus or go with your car, you will never regret for this choice :



P.s One last thing I forgot to mention. the War of Independence of Croatia with Serbia 1991-1996 started on the Stadium Maximir, the home place and stadium of Dynamo Zagreb. It was the CUP Final between Dynamo and Crvena Zvezda. I will not go on to details, but there is one thing I ought to say , I clearly remember the scene how Zvonimir Boban is protecting a Croatian fan from the police forces….




Plovdiv -ancient and marvelous

Hello, dear visitors . It is a great honor for me to write this article. It is an article about an ancient city , a heritage that has the power to conquer your dreams, to enter in your mind, and never let you go.

If you have been to Rome, the capital of Roman Empire,  feeling is the same. You are fascinated from the first point of view, straight after you went in the central part of the city and seeing all the seven hills. Yes the resemblance is magnificent. Plovdid is a city with real inhabitants since 8000 years. It was and it is one of the 4 most ancient cities in Europe. It brings history and many memories, from all the citizens, traders, painter, soldier  and humble man , who gave their best to turn this city into a living legend.

What do you have to do when you are for the first time in the second city by population in Bulgaria ( around 500 000 people recently):

  1. Definitely you  have to check first the ancient city of Plovdiv – with many houses from Renneisanse , Ancient Roman Amphy Theater .paved streets many pubs and galleries. Most of the places in the city are called with the name Puldin, which is also an anceint name of the city. It is also known as Philipopolis , named after Philip Macedonian the father of Alexander The Greatest.dreamstime_m_78284219
  2. To go and to see the International Plovdid Fairy – like in Bologna it is an international meeting of many companies in different areas.
  3. Maritza river and it is beauty – the city is naturally split on two by this very beautiful river.
  4. To see the seven hills and take pictures from there , as the Bulgaria was under the rule of Ottoman Empire , the hills in Turkish were called “tepe”. The city is also known with the name under the tepes( under the hills).
  5. Night of the theaters – one day for 24 hours all the museums and theaters are open for free for visitors.
  6.  The home place of the first beer in Bulgaria – Kamenitza , firstly brewed in 1881. When you come to Bulgaria, I recommend you to taste all the kinds of this beer. Actually it is my favorite one as well.
  7. Filibe ( anoterh name, actually a Turksih one of the city ) – is the home and birth place of many well known and famous all around the world Bulgarians – Hristo Stoichkov, Stefka Kostadinova , Hristo Bonev and Tzvetana Pirkonova.dreamstime_m_78283970
  8. You have to check and see many of the churches and mosques in the city. Traditionally for ages many religions live together in peace and harmony for ages.- Jewish , Muslim, Christians and Armenians, who are also Christians.
  9. Also in the center there is the ancient stadium of Philipopolis. It is very beautiful, near the old Djumaia mosque.
  10. To listen to the singing and shining fountains in the central garden of the city. It is very beautiful. The climate and the people are always smiling and helpful.

Plovdiv, Puldin, Philipolis, Filibe – many names for one city One shining star and a legend for the European and World cultural heritage. It is a place, which has a special magi like Rome, Prague, Wien, Budapest. This city never sleeps and will welcome you any time you want to see and visit it.dreamstime_m_78284077


Karlovo , Levski and the spirit of eternal fight for freedom

Good day  , dear friends . Today I will tell and introduce you to one of the most powerful and magical cities in Bulgaria. The city in which the great son of Bulgaria was born – Vasil Ivanov Kunchev ( known with its name Levski). Levski with the meaning of one who resembles to a lion, because he was brave , courageous and never afraid from anything. This city has its special tail, sometimes it sound positive, but most of the times you have heard and felt sad tones and colors ….

The city of Karlovo is situated in the central part of Bulgaria in the suburbs of Balkan mountain and laying n the famous rose valley . Bulgaria is on the first place in the world of producing rose oil, which is used in perfumes , soaps and shampoos. In ancient times the city had many fortresses around , which were used for giving protection to those who traveled to the main road to Serdika ( today Sofia).

One of the maim squares in the city is called 20th of July. On this date on 1877, the Turkey army had killed many people , all civil ones . The eminent citizens of Karlovo, children, women and old man , war brutally killed on this date. This massacre is called “The Scary ” ( in Bulgarian ” Strashnoto “) . In the church of St. ” Nikolay“there is a special monument for the victims and also there was a proposal , the victims to be claimed as saints.

In this sad times of the Ottoman Yoke, in the date of 18th of July 1837 one hero was born. One legend, who took everything in his hands and in his mind to change the future of our country. For those who do not know, he had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Also he studied for a bishop, and he has the given name Ignatii. His uncle was a bishop. Vasil Levski was the creator of the Inner Military Organization for liberation of Bulgaria. He was past of the 1st and 2nd Bulgaria Legion, all two one in Serbia and other in Bukuresht, full on Bulgarian heroes like Rakovski, Karavelove, Botev, Angel Kunchev who wanted to organize military groups ( in Bulgarian “cheti”) . Unfortunately these ideas were not accepted by Levsksi, after the fail of the cheti’s of Hadji DImitur and Stefan Karadja.

Vasil realized that the only way is the organize structures in each big and main cities, sponsored by the rich people, in order to have guns and munitions . He traveled a lot in the country , all the time disguised , changing his names, mainly speaking Turkish , pretending to be not Bulgarian. During his visits in many different cities, he used to sleep in different monasteries. But unfortunately, when there is a great leader, there are people, who do not which him well, people who are wiling to betray in order to get their 5 minute of glory. But as all of you ,perfectly know no one likes the hypocrites and the double -faced enemies.

On 19th of February 1873 Vasil Levski was executed on the gibbet in Sofia. Now on this place there is a huge monument of our hero. The history tells that he was betrayed by Dimitur Obshti and Pop Krustio. Some of the sources also tell that the Turkish police had his description and when they captured him at Kukrina han, they were very good prepared. Before his death he was interrogated by the police and on the question, who are your allies , he said that he is alone but millions are coming after him. A hero , a legend, some of us are still thinking was he a human or an angel, who had a mission to wake up one old nation and to give the light of hope and to make all of us to believe that freedom is taken with blood and revolution….

Other memorable citizens of Karlovo are the brother Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi. They had granted a lot of money in order the main building of Sofia University st. ” KLiment Ohridsky” to be made. Here is the time and place to mention the names of Hristo Pordanov and Hirsto Mutafchiev. First one is the first Bulgarian who had climned up the Everest peak , second one is famous Bulgarian actor.

I also recommend you to see the old town of Karlovo, with many beautiful houses, also the house – museum of Vasil Levski, were some of his hairs are kept and preserved. Karlovo is a national and world historical and cultural heritage. Come and check it out, then tell me am I right or am I wrong. Have a pleasant day.



Freedom, revolution and heroes/legends of all times

Hello dear, friends. There is one special town in Bulgaria. One place , which keeps the energy of Bulgarian spirit and tradition.  This is a town , where the freedom was born, where young man have given there lives, believing that the liberation of Ottoman yoke was close. Believing that the death of the idol of revolution Vasil Levski was not wasted.

This is the town of Koprivshtica, a place where nature, Balkans mountain and spirit of brave men and women have met together. This is a magical place, where lives, destinies and eyes are changed for a long period. This place gives and leads you to a special transformation. Even when you are walking on the streets( paved ones), old houses and the song of the winds, they are telling you stories and whisper you words of brave times and bright minds , who never wanted to be oppressed. Minds and hearts, who would rather die young, but never willing and wanting to be called “slaves” .

On 20 of April 1876 the April revolution had started at Koprivshitca. Turk soldiers were send to come and arrest Todor Kableshkov, who was close friends to Vasil Levski and leader of the Rebel Commitee in Koprivshica. They first went to its mother house, but she lied to them , telling that he was not there. On their way to Konak, they were killed. The square where the Turkish soldiers were killed,has the name ” First rifle”. One of the leaders of the rebellion was Georgi Benkovski , who took the Blood letter, written with own blood of Todoro Kableshkov, telling the other towns to rise and to fight till the last man standing. Georgi Benkovski was the leader of a cavalry crew and he has the famous words ” Wake up slaves, I do not want yoke “.  There is a marvelous statue from white stone, standing on the one slope above the town, nowadays.

The end of the revolution was a tragedy, with many victims and many brutal killings and also the Batak massacre, where most of the people of Batak were killed and burnt in the local church. Many innocent men and women, children as well were killed. One peopled, had declared that they want there freedom. Whole European countries, even world wide had heard about the brutal scenes of violence from the Turk repression military units against the rebels and the innocent people. The first step was made ….

Let’s get back to those young and patriotic people : Kableshkov and Benkovski. Both men from rich families , both men of means, but with hearts of lions. They suffered each day seeing the oppression of the Bulgarian. They wanted to stand up for freedom, they wanted to show that even after 500 hundred years of  Turkish Yoke, the Bulgarian spirit is alive…..

Todor Kableshkov died at the age of 25 , Georgi Benkovski – died at the age of 32. Their leader, the Apostle of Freedom –Vasil Levski died at the age of 36. Hristo Botev – poet, revolutionary leader and close friend , died at the age of 28 years. All were killed by the Turks. They were not only heroes, they were and are legends. They all perfectly knew what they were doing and did not have a single night of calm sleep, wanting to see Bulgaria free and independent.  I will go further, these men were geniuses of their time, risking everything, fighting against a huge army, but as all of you know, the flight of an eagle is something that mice, small birds or small souls, will never understand.

When you come to Koprivshtica, you will understand a lot of my words, you will feel the passion, you will get hypnotized by the marvelous nature. You will see a lot of museums, you will see the monuments of Benkovski, Kableshkov, LIuben Karavelov ( famous Bulgarian author and poet) . You will get in love with the old houses , with the paved streets and with the local cuisine. But the most important this is to carry that light, that power and energy of a star, that will shine in the next age , in the next till the end of time …….



Baba Vanga – the gift (a life of the woman that will change the future)

Hello, dear readers, fans or simply humans from all around the world. It has been a very long time since my last post writing. Sometimes it is very hard to find something, some inner power or just a convenient moment to stand and construct and shape all ” creative” thoughts and ideas that are running as wild horses all trough your mind.

This post will be about a special woman. Maybe a Bulgarian Holly woman, a saint , that gave a lot to every single one of us. Maybe she was and she is a candle of hope, good faith and belief that is beyond our knowledge and state of mind and soul. When I had started this blog(which soon will have an year anniversary) , I had promised myself to write articles that will last for a long period in the thoughts of my readers. I just will try to leave a trace , a sign …

If you search in google for this phenomenon, called Baba Vanga, you might not continue reading this post. I will try to avoid all the information that will get you bored or frustrated. I will try to focus your attention on the main things for me. Probably I will point you out the milestones, which will be your main principles or direction in order to investigate and learn more about the life of one incredible woman, who was blind, but who had the power in her hearth and soul to lit up the whole Universe. She was a miracle…..

Went to her place, village Rupite near the city of Petrich , several years ago with my family. I was all shivering and nervous while, we were travelling with our car to this magnificent direction. Vanga was a humble person, a woman who had devoted her life helping people, predicting future or just giving advises how to be just better human beings…

We arrived at her place, the first impression was the calmness and the holly vibes of this place. Somehow the birds were singing in a different way. While we were entering in the garden, near the church, seeing her house, where she was speaking and welcoming many and different people, we felt like falling onto a deep meditation. Somehow our souls and hearths were diving in a waterfall of positive energy. You may thing, I am crazy , or saying this words about her because I am Bulgarian and I am very grateful to that woman.. Please , when you have time just attend this place. There are also spring damns with water, mineral one,which is very , very hot. Also on the slope , near the house , there is a big white cross, built from stones.. It is a magical place, even now when I am writing these words, I am shivering . I had such a feeling when I was in Rome in Colloseo . It is not just history, it is the energy , the place. Even the spirit of the people, who are saving such places…

Baba Vanga predicted many things, that have happened , the World Word Second, The terrorist attacks from 9/11, Obama to be elected for president, Putin ( the leader which will bring Russia back to the top of the world powers), the creation of ISIS and many more. I do not know how she did got to this information, maybe she had heard voices or she saw pictures. Maybe a lot of information , she had obtained while she was sleeping.. But the most important thing is that she was having a mission, which was fully achieved and accomplished – to help people, which needed most. Sometimes she did not tell the truth, because as all we know, there are words which are not able to be understood and felt…

She died of the age of 85 , but her spirit is somewhere close to her birth place, somewhere in Bulgaria and all the time near us. This post has one meaning as well, to fell and to see between the lines. I have intended to give you a great information, but first you have to feel this woman and here life with your heart and soul… I have read more then 10 books about her and here life, all were great and true … Maybe I can emphasize the main points this way – one woman lost here eyesight when she was very young, her parents died, she had a very hard life with her step mother, married to a husband, who has been addicted to drinking, she was having hard times during the whole here life… Probably she had suffered a lot, but she carried her cross with dignity , never saying a bad word about her destiny, about her life or about here country. She carried a big heart , that light up the faith even to atheist people. She was leader of good deeds and pure minds. She also built a church  with the money people had left to her, unfortunately this church was not convinced as a good one from The Bulgarian Orthodox Church, because it has not been built the way it should be as for the Bible and the Cannon. When you go to this place, just light up a candle in this church all the other emotions and feelings will stay for you and will convince you,who is right and who is wrong.

As a conclusion, I will like to say – thank you Baba Vanga for showing us how a humble and good life should be lived. Thank you for all the kindness and for the non stoppable believe in the wining of the Good . Do you know that people from different religions came to her with the simple will and wish to receive help? Do you know that she was very severe and strict to people who just had come to test her? She was a magical star, sent to us, to guide us. Even now when you ask old people about her and her life , they can start crying….. Be good and never forget all the good people, who you have met in your life…




Martenici- symbol of beauty, belief and tradition

Hello, dear friends. I use and will call you this way , as I feel you like a close people , who share common interests. Today is  s great day , 1st of  March. If you are in Bulgaria, a lot of people will say to you Happy Baba Marta .

Baba ( grandmother) Marta is the symbol of the coming month of March, she is with a ferocious mood, which is changing all the time. She is the sister of January and February , which in Bulgarian traditions are call Maluk Sechko and Goliam Sechko ( Small and Big Sechko).

So lets come to the point of this post. What is exactly martenica? It is a souvenir with red and white threads , which are mixed together and they are given for health and wishing to the carries all the best and many nice moment on the upcoming spring. It is a very interesting tradition and when the 1st of March has come , all the people are all covered with such martenici, because almost all of your friends and relatives do bring you some.

This cultural habit and tradition, does exist also in the countries that surround as in the Balkan Peninsula, such as Serbia, Albania , Macedonia, Greece. In the tradition of the other countries with red threads are given only women and children , in order to get prevented from curses and ” bad eyes”. In Bulgaria we put martenica to any one, even to our pets.

The traditions and the legendary tails said that the wife of Khan Asparuh ( the founder on Bulgaria in 681 a.c) Ahinora, has given him the first martenice, wishing him health , success and prosperity. No one can say if this is true or not, but this are what the legends are, to keep memories alive and maybe to give a different colors to an interesting story.

If you have the chance to come to my country on March , at the begging of it, you will get and be a part of this tradition. It is not only beautiful  , it is like a kind of a fairy tail, many smiles, many nice emotions and many people all covered up with martenici. Be good and take care :):):)

P.s The martenici are carried till the time you see trees blossomed or a flying birds, the symbol of new coming season -spring. Also when you see and there are such circumstances , the martenici are put on trees. If you come at the end of March or in the middle of it, it will be a common view to see many trees – blossomed , covered with martenici.


Blagoevgrad – Goce Delchev , Varosha and Berbatov

Hello, dear friends. It is nice having you in my blog. It is also nice to have the numbers of the posts getting bigger and bigger. Bulgaria is a small country, but there are so many interesting places that can be seen and so may interesting things to be done. Also there are many wonderful cities, which wit for they turn to come and their story to be told.


Today we will speak about Blagoevgrad. The city is situated in 100 kn distance south from Sofia and it is very close to our borders with Macedonia and Greece. This is the city with the greatest number of sunny days during the whole year in Bulgaria. Also the first thing you recognize about the city is a white cross , who is situated on one of the hills and is 33 meters high, but I will tell you about this later.


The old name of the city was Gorna Djumaya, during the Ottoman yoke, Djumaya was word for a market , because near the city every Friday was held a big market place. Nowadays the city is called Blagoevgrad and there are many interesting places and stories for it.


One of the most interesting places to see is the old town , the old neighborhood called ” Varosha” and the church ” Virgin Mary” which is situated in the heart of this district. In this region the houses are like the old style, very beautiful , common architecture like the houses you saw in my articles about Leshten, Kovachevica and Zlatograd. The streets are paved and there is a special spirit , while you are walking or taking photos around. Not forgetting to mention , that there are many cats around the houses and many more around the church. Church ” Virgin Mary ” was built in 1844 , all done and made with the efforts of the local people. There was a legend that women took small stones in their skirt in order for the church to be built stronger and bigger. Church is very beautiful and if you come to Blagoevgrad , you should definitely visit it and light a candle in it ( this is a traditional habit we do and we have as Orthodox Christians). In the yard of the church there are many graves and monument. One monument is of the general Orlovski, who liberated the city with his troops in 1878. Also there is a monument of Goce Delchev and members of his family who fought for the liberation of the city.


Goce Delchev is a national hero, one of the ideal makers and founders of VMRO – millitary organization for the liberation of Macedonia. Macedonia as you know it in its borders nowadays was part of the Bulgarian territory , but several bad contracts signed from our politics leaded to this situation. His ideas were for free Macedonia and Odrin in the territory of the Bulgarian country. He was killed in 1903 in village Banica, Seres district . The ambush was made by one his fellow class mate – Husein Tefikov. The grave and the remains of Goce Delchev are in the church ” Sveti Spas” in Skopjie.


We have also another hero, which faith is connected with the football player Dimitur Berbatov. He was born in Blagoevgrad and played for his own team Pirin. After that he was bought from CSKA. Then you know his brilliant carrier – Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham, Manchester United , Monaco and know is in Paok . Tessaloniki is very close to Blagoevgrad. What I can say for him – he is a very modest guy , with a technique of elegance and high class. Sir Alex Ferguson had said for him that he is one of the most elegant players he had seen in his all carrier. I would like to mention one interesting fact, that probably few of you may know- Berbatov is a also a brilliant painter. He is painting humans and faces , like cartoons but very popular and nice one. Every one in my country is proud with such diamond, especially his home city 🙂



Not on the last place, to mention the fact that the American University in Blagoevgrad ,which was founded in 1991 is an attractive point for many students from different countries. Also here is the South West University “Neofit Rislki”and two more universitites. Thus the city is all the year full with young people. There are many pizza restaurants, caffes , pubs , two malls and lots of discos and bars. City is a popular and favorite destination to all of Bulgarian and for many foreigners from the close countries – Greece and Macedonia.

So what are you waiting, pack , plan and come. I was about to forget.. There are 3 main symbols of the city – you will see on many sculptures and monument -eagles ( symbol of the people faith , spirit and that there are many revolutionary who were born here) , also you will see a flying horse Pegasus ( the legend tell that a woman had passed through the city in recent ages with here horse, he was bout to die and she gave him water from a mountain spring, and the horse came back to live). The third and the newest symbol is the White Cross , on one of the hills. It is 33 meters high and symbolizes the human faith and spirit and can be seen from any point of the city. It was built and opened on 24 May 2014 , on the national holiday of the city and also the holiday for Cyrillic Alphabet and culture , alphabet was created by Cyril and Metodius .


Hope you liked this post. If you come to Blagoegrad , you will feel happy, you will see a lot of things and will have a good memories, I guarantee that to you. Have a remarkable day ….





Petur Dunov – The Master

Good evening, dear all. I suppose you are coming from school, work, university.Staying on the sofa or on a chair, take some rest and want to see what is interesting and new, not only in my blog. Interesting facts usually and most of the time are just in front of of our eyes, but do we want and like to see it as they are.

Today story will be something different from what you may expect as a content of a travel blog. It will be a story of one man, who left many ideas and spiritual techniques behind him, but also made a lot of people to think- how to live better, hot to do better things and how to evaluate living in harmony with nature and all other human beings.

He was and he is a diamond, a man of great honor and symbol for inspiration. You just see his face and his eyes, they can tell all other I will try to explain with my simple words. As you all know there are humans, geniuses or maybe mediators, who come for a while , shake our lives and inner world and go back to where they belong – the Universe.

His name is Petur DunovBeinsa Douno or simply the Master. A man born in the village of Nikolaevka near Varna on 11th of July 1864. His father was the first teacher in this region and after that he became an Orthodox priest. I will pass his early years, but obviously he was a very curious boy , alter and man for knowledge from different spheres.

He graduated the Boston University School of Theology and came back to Bulgaria in 1893. Maybe his mission was to gives us a sign or to change our point of thinking. You know in each nation, there are spiritual leaders and men of great honor and intellectual power – Ghandi, Dalay Lama, Rasputin , Djuna , Vanga , Nostradamus .. and many more. Their ideas as a whole are pointed to the beginning, from where all had started – the nature and the relation between humans and nature and all the sources, we have a connection with , but we are totally devastating and ruining them…

One of the most powerful things that Petur Dunov invented was the White Brotherhood and the special called dance “paneurhythmy “. Why was the bortherhood called white? It has nothing in common with the color of the skin. It is because all the participants in dance, prayers or just lecture are wearing white clothes. He preached for the power of mind, anything can be done or cured with the power of each one positive thinking. I know you have heard a lot about this, but I just have to say it you 🙂

What about this special dance “paneurhythmy“? Usually a great gatherings have been done and now are held in Rila mountain, close to the 7 Rila Lakes. As more of the spirituals believe that the energy is bigger in the highest parts of the mountains, also there is a balance between the energy of our planet, energy of the space, the sun and the all participants in this dance. While they were dancing they are saying prayers… It is a very interesting experince.

The master died in 1944 year and he is buried in Izgrev (sunrise) estate in Sofia. The place is called the Sunny Garden or the Garden with the flowers. It is a very special place close to the Russian Embassy . Each Sunday many people go and stay there , just to think, walk or meditate. While he was alive in this region he was giving his Sunday lectures and explained parts of the Bible to his followers. Also for your information, on this place there are many birds. The place has a special energy and I recommend each one of you , when has a visit to Sofia to come and see it.

Thank you , master for all the lesson of humanity that you had left to us, thank you for all your lectures and positive words. I have not been alive, when you were among my grandfather , mother and father, but I heard a lot of good words for your deeds. After that when I grew up, I read a lot of your books – about diets, spiritual balance and mind and body control, I explored your live and I am happy. I am happy and proud , because we both are Bulgarians . I am happy that I wrote this article about you. I guess all of my visitors will be happy too and will find some of your books. Rest in piece, great minds, great ideas and phenomenons never die !!!!



Sopot – cradle of revolution and scent of freedom

Good evening, dear friends. How are you today? What interesting things have happened to you ? I decided to write tonight as an impulse, as something coming deep down from my soul and heart. Tonight I will tell you a story about one very ancient town in Bulgaria.

I will be writing about Sopot. The town is situated 5 km from Karlovo, from Sofia the distance is 130 km. The town is situated nearly in the bottom on the central Balkans mountain. It is very beautiful place with people , who do have spirit for freedom and it has always been a place of progressive minds and brave men and women. You can reach to there by car, bus or by tramp. I recommend you to go there by car, as you will see very beautiful sight-seeings along the way.

One of the most popular man of this city is Ivan Vazov. He is one of the most famous Bulgarian poets and writers. He wrote the novel “Under the Yoke “, a book about the life of Bulgarians and the preparation for the April revolution in 1876. I recommend you to find and read this book. His statue is situate in the center of the city , next to the statue in the right it is his birth house. When we were under Ottoman Yoke , the city was called the White Church. Yes there is such church and I strongly recommend you to see it.

In Sopot in 1858 Vasil Levski, becomes a monk with the name Ignatii at the church “Saint Spas”. There is something very special when you walk through the paved streets of this town. You do feel special energy, it is not just because it is close to mountain.It is not because there are many famous people and revolution guys born here. We have a sentence in Bulgarian , that the mountain gives birth to people of revolution and strong mind and soul and the valley gives birth to pumpkins .. 🙂

In the city there are 27 fountains running 24/7 with a natural water from the mountain. The name Sopot comes from Slavic tribes and means , that it is a water source , a big lake or river. Also the city has nice climate and big temperature amplitudes. It could be very hot in the day, but in the evening because of the cold air coming from the mountain, the temperatures go rapidly down…

Not on the last place , Sopot is famous with people who do come for paragliding, mountain bikes rides and just to walk into the mountain and take wonderful pictures. The nature is so beautiful , no matter at what time of the year you would plan your stay.

Another places to see : Anevsko castle – it is an ancient castle, over the village of Anevo, which is several km close to Sopot- very beautiful castle. Also the Grandfather Stoyan‘ s Mill, in fron of it there is a saved stone on which Ivan Vazov had the habit to sit and relax. This mill is close to a lift, which is the biggest of its kind on Balkan peninsula and will lead you up in the mountain.

Sopot is a wonderful town. And not just because I spend my summer time there, to a relative of mine. It is because of its spirit, people, nature and secrets… Maybe when you come, you will find the secrets for you, which you will share with your friends…………….



It is your turn

Hello , dear visitors. How are you today? What is the special feeling and the special role that you have given for the new week? There are so many questions I would like to ask you. Yes, this is a travel blog, but I want to know who is on the other side of the monitor..

When I am starting to write or writing a new post, I am asking my self many things. Will all the information be suitable for you, would you like to come and see Bulgaria? Usually, as many questions as I have, as bigger and interesting the article will be. If I am not interested of your opinion, then what is the point of existing of this blog…

So i have decided to ask you few questions about travelling and about the blog. To make my self a better picture of how things will go and what direction this blog will take in the future … Some of them will be short , other will be long. You are not obliged to answer to all of them. I would be happy , if you have time and respond to those you like. Your opinion and feedback will help me to create smarter, bigger and more interesting blog and maybe one day to welcome you face to face in my country… Let’s start with the questions:

  1. What is your favorite post and why ? I definitely like posts with more photos, but I do not know what is the total picture..
  2. What is the picture in your head about Bulgaria, right after you have read few articles?
  3. What do you want to know about me, my occupation, my daily routine and why I had decided to create this blog? If you are curious , I would be happy to answer to all your queries .
  4.  Would you bring or advise some of your friends to visits my blog?
  5. What interesting tips and features would you like to learn about my country, which you have never met or read by now?
  6. If you plan to come to Bulgaria, at which season this would be? If I could help you with advise and useful information, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form on the site.
  7. If you are an author for a day in my blog what a post would you like to write?

I hope there are not too many questions and I have not been boring. Which you a marvelous day and I am patiently waiting for your answers and proposals. Be good and travel the world. Travel and expanding of our horizons, turns us into a better persons 🙂