10 reasons to visit Bulgaria

It is nice to meet you again. It is very interesting and responsible, when you advertise your own country. It is normal to love your birth place, to love the waves in the sea, to love the smell in the air, when the seasons are changing. It is also normal, to want to see many people visiting your country, and when coming back to their places, to tell their relatives and friends in what amazing place, they had been.

Everyone loves his country. It is the time and place to give you 10 reason, which when you read , you will be definitely in a status packing luggage and checking availability in different hotels in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas.

  1. If this is your first time , you are coming to these places in Eastern Europe, you will notice that the alphabet it different. It is Cyrillic , crated by the Cyril and Methodius brothers, which were canonized as saints from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. This is the alphabet also of Russians, Ukraininas and sometimes Serbs write on it. This alphabet is something very unique and special, but we will have long post about it sometime in the near future.
  2. All 4 seasons can be seen in my country. Spring is one of the most beautiful ones, with the blossom of all the trees , with the melt of the snow , high in the mountains and the singing of the birds in Bulgarian villages. Summer is not that long ( last 3-4 months) , but it is very beautiful and with many places to go on Black Sea and also hotels in the mountains with Spa and Polls( Bankso, Raloz and Borovetz). In the autumn, you can take a car, i.e rent one and go travelling around the country, you will like it definitely. In winter time, you can drive ski in many places , in our wonderful mountains.
  3. Bulgarian hospitality, it is something very common and good -known. When you are a guest in a Bulgarian house, you will fell like a “king”.
  4. Cultural and historical heritage. Bulgaria is in top 10 places in the World for a cultural and historical places and monuments.
  5. Lakes, rivers , Danube, mineral springs and Black sea. We- humans are created that way, that we love water. One magnificent place, which you should visit is Velingrad, with many Spa Hotels, with mineral spring water and wonderful meals served at the restaurants of the hotels.
  6. Covered bridge in Lovech, it is very common like the one in Florence. Also the city is nice to be seen and photoed.
  7. Amphitheater in Plovdiv and the “tepeta “. This theater is from Roman epoch and there are many concerts and festival done in it. “Tepe” – these are the hills above Plovdiv. Also the ancient town of Plovdiv is magnificent one.
  8. Karlovo, Koprivshitca , Panagiurishte, Kalofer and Sopot – the craddle of Bulgarian Revolution agans Ottoman Yoke. In these places many Bulgarian revolution leadrs have been born like : Vasil Levsi, Hristo Botev and the writer Ivan Vazov( the brother of Ivan Vazov was one on the best generals after the liberation in 1878 from the Turskish Yoke).
  9. To see the many and lovely monasteries all around the country : Rila monastery, Troyan monastery, Bachkovo monastery and the Cathedral in Sofia – ST. Alexander Nevsky.
  10. To eat home-made cheese, banitza , sausage and salads. To taste Bulgaria.

If you enjoyed this post, I will be more than happy to see you in my country. To love Bulgaria is something very special. I wish you all , to feel this …

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