Ljubljiana – is this real , a story about beauty

Hello , dear friends. Sun is coming to my room and is giving me signals to start writing. I had a discussion in my mind about which country to write first , which stands close to Bulgaria. I was hesitating between Croatia and Slovenija. The final choice was Slovenija.

pred mesto

Postojna jama

Ljubljana by night


We went on a tour previous year with a friends of mine to all the surrounding countries west of Bugaria – Serbia, Croatia, Slovenija + Italy ( Venice). We were travelling by bus and had stayed in a different cities – Nishka Banja, Zagreb, Ljubliana and Beograd. When you have the chance to travel by bus and do have a very good guide on your way, who tells you many interesting things, the excursion is an excellence , a pure diamond that glitters all the way to the awaited destinations and pointed places.



We entered in Slovenija from their border with Croatia. My first impressions were for a very beautiful and green county, with many water resources and calm people, who will always smile and help you . It was like we felt in a country of order, green grass at the same level , no matter if you are in a big city or just passing by small villages and cottages along the way. All of you had played and seen Lego constructors . It was a country , where all the Lego ideas were in a palm distance. We were seeing as we traveled by bus – beautiful houses, neat yards, perfect roads and one thing to emphasize, the church or the cathedrals were the highest building in all the inhabited places.

Bridge and river




We entered Ljublijana by night and our astonishment grew bigger and bigger. There were so many lights and all was like a live disco party in the streets of the city. The beauty of this country revealed to us, even by night. And suddenly you fell you are in love. It is that inner and touching beauty, that makes you fell calm and in perfect harmony. Let me explain you the 10 things you should to , when you are in Ljubljana and especially in Slovenija:

  1. To go and see Postojna jama – a marvelous cave . The things you will see there is the ” human fish ” a special reptile, a good small train and electrified caves. Also there is a special hall, where the Milan La Scala opera had a concert recently. In this hall, the echo stays for 5 seconds. It is just amazing to go and see this cave


  1. To see the center of the city by night- there are many small cafe’s and restaurants around the river which is passing trough the capital of Slovenija ( Ljunlijanica river). Also there are many bridges on the river, from where you may take beautiful photos.
  2. Ljubljana opera house – one of the best musicians of classic music do come from Slovenjia. When we were there there were rehearsal in front of the opera for a big concert about their day of. Liberty . Many of the musicians were holding their instruments, while riding their bikes. I think in Slovenija there are more bikes, than cars.
  3. To eat traditional ice cream in the center. It is like a tradition for every tourist to eat this marvelous ice cream.
  4. Ljubljana castle – it watches the whole city and can be seen for 5 euro for adults and 3,5 euro per children. You can go there by foot or take a ” tourist train”.  To access the tower, you have to pay additional tax.
  5. Square of the Republic – at this place at 1991 Slonejina people had pronounced their independence from Serbia.Across the road stands Slovene Parliament.
  6. Tivoli park –  it is situated at the western end of the city. It is a tremendous park , with many path ways and it is the favorite place for the locals to have a rest at the end of the week
  7. If you love skiing , Slovenija is your place. They have many ski resorts , which offer high class equipment and perfect conditions for all the fans of winter sports. Such ski resorts are : Kranjska Gora, Bled, Cerkno and Kope.


It is the final of this post and I did not want it to finish. The 4 days we were there, were like a piece and a slice of Paradise. We felt secure, amazed, happy and gathered many nice moments and memories. Slovenja , I will definitely come back. I kindly advise and ask, Slovenjians to come and see my country 🙂 Maybe you will get amazed, the way I did when I met first time your lovely place and country ….




Rila Monastery – a place to see

Good day , dear friends and travelers. Maybe the love for travelling and exploring new places and magnificent buildings, monasteries and creations of human mind and skills. This post will be about St ” Ivan Rilski ” monastery , which i situated in Rila mountain on 1147 m above the ground and on 117 km distance from our capital of Bulgaria- Sofia.


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Let it snow

Hi , dear all. It is a perfect time of the year now. When we speak about winter, there is a special feeling and a glitter that appears in the eyes of everyone. Winter is that special time of the year when all the nice and good December holidays have passed and on January we are enjoying the snow.

In Bulgaria there are many nice places and mountains, where you can see and enjoy the snow at its excellence . Some of you might have been and are a nice photographers, other may love to ski in Bansko or Pamporovo , or go to Vitosha mountain next to our lovely capital -Sofia. I do not know, my goal is to make you love and want to visit my country. You can not have hard feeling, before you recognize and realize what is the measure of beauty and harmony.

This piece of harmony and of clear vision and inner calmness is given by snow . Let me share you my thought of why I love and maybe you do the same with winter :

  1. To see the snow how softly covers all- it is a relaxing process. It is a moment of a meditation and great thinking about the meaning of creation of the word and our roles in it.
  2. The ” white ” blanket that gives special power and magical inspirations. There are two special season – spring and winter. In spring all is awaken up for new live and new fresh colors, in winter  it is more beautiful as the “white ” blanket is the special safety shield , which covers all and prepares us and the nature for the upcoming year and the revival of spring 🙂
  3. Bulgarian mountains  in winter are mote than gorgeous. The winter has ti be felt and seen in the mountain. If you are not a skier or rider of a snowboard, there are also many ways to enjoy this marvelous season. If you like you may visits Bansko or Razlog, just for a weekend or few days and taste the wonderful Bulgarian wine and lovely dishes they cook there.
  4. The kids are happy – tell me in which other season you can see more smiles on the faces of the children. Snow is that special spice , the space in their and our hearts , which suddenly in a minute makes us laugh, makes and and provoke us to be better humans.
  5. To drive a long road distance in a ” white” fairy tale. This is my favorite part. When I drive my car and all is covered with snow , it is very special time for me. It is like a long distance travel, not just from point A to point B, it is a travel to the better part of me. It is a travel in the most beautiful country in Europe and world – Bulgaria.

I guess you liked my post. I want to write more and more, and this will soon happen. If you still have not planned your winter vacation, feel welcome and take the adventure to come to my beautiful country. You will experience and fell a lot of interesting moments, especially in the winter. Have the best day today and if some of these words , have seeded in your heart, just google Bulgarian and Bulgarian mountains 🙂