Martenici- symbol of beauty, belief and tradition

Hello, dear friends. I use and will call you this way , as I feel you like a close people , who share common interests. Today is  s great day , 1st of  March. If you are in Bulgaria, a lot of people will say to you Happy Baba Marta .

Baba ( grandmother) Marta is the symbol of the coming month of March, she is with a ferocious mood, which is changing all the time. She is the sister of January and February , which in Bulgarian traditions are call Maluk Sechko and Goliam Sechko ( Small and Big Sechko).

So lets come to the point of this post. What is exactly martenica? It is a souvenir with red and white threads , which are mixed together and they are given for health and wishing to the carries all the best and many nice moment on the upcoming spring. It is a very interesting tradition and when the 1st of March has come , all the people are all covered with such martenici, because almost all of your friends and relatives do bring you some.

This cultural habit and tradition, does exist also in the countries that surround as in the Balkan Peninsula, such as Serbia, Albania , Macedonia, Greece. In the tradition of the other countries with red threads are given only women and children , in order to get prevented from curses and ” bad eyes”. In Bulgaria we put martenica to any one, even to our pets.

The traditions and the legendary tails said that the wife of Khan Asparuh ( the founder on Bulgaria in 681 a.c) Ahinora, has given him the first martenice, wishing him health , success and prosperity. No one can say if this is true or not, but this are what the legends are, to keep memories alive and maybe to give a different colors to an interesting story.

If you have the chance to come to my country on March , at the begging of it, you will get and be a part of this tradition. It is not only beautiful  , it is like a kind of a fairy tail, many smiles, many nice emotions and many people all covered up with martenici. Be good and take care :):):)

P.s The martenici are carried till the time you see trees blossomed or a flying birds, the symbol of new coming season -spring. Also when you see and there are such circumstances , the martenici are put on trees. If you come at the end of March or in the middle of it, it will be a common view to see many trees – blossomed , covered with martenici.