Karlovo , Levski and the spirit of eternal fight for freedom

Good day  , dear friends . Today I will tell and introduce you to one of the most powerful and magical cities in Bulgaria. The city in which the great son of Bulgaria was born – Vasil Ivanov Kunchev ( known with its name Levski). Levski with the meaning of one who resembles to a lion, because he was brave , courageous and never afraid from anything. This city has its special tail, sometimes it sound positive, but most of the times you have heard and felt sad tones and colors ….

The city of Karlovo is situated in the central part of Bulgaria in the suburbs of Balkan mountain and laying n the famous rose valley . Bulgaria is on the first place in the world of producing rose oil, which is used in perfumes , soaps and shampoos. In ancient times the city had many fortresses around , which were used for giving protection to those who traveled to the main road to Serdika ( today Sofia).

One of the maim squares in the city is called 20th of July. On this date on 1877, the Turkey army had killed many people , all civil ones . The eminent citizens of Karlovo, children, women and old man , war brutally killed on this date. This massacre is called “The Scary ” ( in Bulgarian ” Strashnoto “) . In the church of St. ” Nikolay“there is a special monument for the victims and also there was a proposal , the victims to be claimed as saints.

In this sad times of the Ottoman Yoke, in the date of 18th of July 1837 one hero was born. One legend, who took everything in his hands and in his mind to change the future of our country. For those who do not know, he had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Also he studied for a bishop, and he has the given name Ignatii. His uncle was a bishop. Vasil Levski was the creator of the Inner Military Organization for liberation of Bulgaria. He was past of the 1st and 2nd Bulgaria Legion, all two one in Serbia and other in Bukuresht, full on Bulgarian heroes like Rakovski, Karavelove, Botev, Angel Kunchev who wanted to organize military groups ( in Bulgarian “cheti”) . Unfortunately these ideas were not accepted by Levsksi, after the fail of the cheti’s of Hadji DImitur and Stefan Karadja.

Vasil realized that the only way is the organize structures in each big and main cities, sponsored by the rich people, in order to have guns and munitions . He traveled a lot in the country , all the time disguised , changing his names, mainly speaking Turkish , pretending to be not Bulgarian. During his visits in many different cities, he used to sleep in different monasteries. But unfortunately, when there is a great leader, there are people, who do not which him well, people who are wiling to betray in order to get their 5 minute of glory. But as all of you ,perfectly know no one likes the hypocrites and the double -faced enemies.

On 19th of February 1873 Vasil Levski was executed on the gibbet in Sofia. Now on this place there is a huge monument of our hero. The history tells that he was betrayed by Dimitur Obshti and Pop Krustio. Some of the sources also tell that the Turkish police had his description and when they captured him at Kukrina han, they were very good prepared. Before his death he was interrogated by the police and on the question, who are your allies , he said that he is alone but millions are coming after him. A hero , a legend, some of us are still thinking was he a human or an angel, who had a mission to wake up one old nation and to give the light of hope and to make all of us to believe that freedom is taken with blood and revolution….

Other memorable citizens of Karlovo are the brother Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi. They had granted a lot of money in order the main building of Sofia University st. ” KLiment Ohridsky” to be made. Here is the time and place to mention the names of Hristo Pordanov and Hirsto Mutafchiev. First one is the first Bulgarian who had climned up the Everest peak , second one is famous Bulgarian actor.

I also recommend you to see the old town of Karlovo, with many beautiful houses, also the house – museum of Vasil Levski, were some of his hairs are kept and preserved. Karlovo is a national and world historical and cultural heritage. Come and check it out, then tell me am I right or am I wrong. Have a pleasant day.