Arbanasi – watch and feel

Good morning, dear travelers. It is a very productive day , as this is my second post( not only in this blog). The reason is, that probably I see the sun and the temperatures are not like –20 degrees CelsiusπŸ™‚ I am joking, I have the muse on my side and do not want to let her go, till I am finished with all my writings πŸ™‚

Today I will be speaking about small town , close to the old capital of BulgariaVeliko Turnovo. I will write about a place which has 5 churches, 2 monasteries and just marvelous houses from the period of the Bulgarian Revival. I felt this place only one month ago , and would love to share with you my impressions.

As you have seen and read from my other posts about Bulgaria, I always invite you to come and see it with your eyes. This time , I will invite you with the words: to breathe and feel the atmosphere of Arbanasi. A place which will stay and last in your heart forever. Arbanasi reminded me to Koprivshtica. Small towns , but with great spirit, architecture, many tourists, live traditions, many restaurants with traditional cuisine .Also the air is just perfect and the views.. Oh , my God these views…

I want to avoid one mistakes in blogs, if you are writing too short story, everyone is sad .If the story is too long, no body comes till the end of it. This place has its power and energy. Also there are many new houses and hotels built there, but trying to keep the same, old and marvelous style. One advise I can give you, no matter of the season, try to walk every night through the narrow streets, watch the stars and listen to the song of the wind. Even if you do not know our language , you will feel what I am speaking about.

If you liked this article, you will come for more. If you come for more, you may come to Arbanasi. If you come to Arbanasi, you will shoot the best pictures of your live. If you do all these steps, then my mission for creating and supporting this blog is achieved. My advise, never stop to find and search for new travel, spiritual and mind destinations. Be good and be always open to what is happening inside and outside your inner world πŸ™‚




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