Bansko- snow, beauty and something more

Hello, dear friends. Not it should be winter, but in Bulgaria the weather is very strange. It should be snowing, but it is raining, and no one knows which season exactly is. As you have seen and read before, I already have a post about winter, but here I will speak about out best ski resort.

The town of Bansko is 170 km in south direction from Sofia. You can reach to there by bus, which will cost you 15 leva/ 7.5 euro. The other way is to go by car. Bansko is part of Blagoevgrad municipality. It is a small town , easy for walking across, but there are many things to be done.

If you are a keen skier , there are many slopes and a big lift. The legends of skiing : Mark Girardelli and Alberto Tomba – “La Bomba” are faces and marketing person , who are having the care of making the city and our country more popular all around the world. We have wonderful nature and the prices here are a little bit lower then the ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

One of the most interesting facts is that Bansko is the birth place of one of the most powerful and influential poets – Nikola Vapcarov.  He was a communist and has been death sentenced , for making and proclaiming pro-Russian and anti government ideas. In my opinion this is one of ht greatest stupidities done on our history. He was a genius , a man who could create , kill and make you think in deep with the power of his words.

When you come to Bansko you should definitely have to taste the local specialty – “Kapama ” and the meat salami ” Banski starec“. Both of them go perfectly with red wine. There are many restaurants and hotels, spa hotels, casinos and another facilities, that will make your stay perfect. If you come here on the spring or in the summer, there are many lovely golf hotels.

Bansko is a lovely town in Bulgaria. If you intend to take a camera with you, do not stop photoing. There are many interesting places and people , who deserve you attention. Have a wonderful weekend…..


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