Black Sea – Bulgarian diamond

It is nice to meet you again. The blog is new and very young, but this does not have to bother you. Every good and big things, had begun from a single step and just a small idea. As I previously mentioned, I would like to introduce you to all splendid and very attractive places and cities in Bulgaria.

The summer is sweeping softly away, but this is not a reason to mourn. Next one will come in a year. While you are waiting and have not planned where to go in the next summer, I will give you hints and clues about Bulgarian sea-side. You might have traveled the world, Europe, Asia or South America, but it worth trying to come and see. Follow my next lines and take a note :

  1. Kaliakra and Balchik: these towns are situated on the north side of Bulgarian sea-side close to Romanian border. Near Kaliakra and Balchik there are many interesting cliffs and golf-spa hotels. The golf tourism had became very popular in the last few years.
  2. Zlatni Piasuci( Golden Sands) and Albena : two wonderfull summer resorts, with nice pools, clean see and many 4 and 5 stars hotels. In these resorts you may see visitors from all around the world.
  3. Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria. Very beautiful and attractive city. There you may also visit Aladja Monastery -it is an ancient church built in the rocks. Also near Varna is a place called ” Pobitite Kamuni”. It is very similar to Stone Hendge. Once upon a time the see was very deep in the terriroty of Bulgaria, but it went away and those stones are the remaining of an old se.
  4. Sluntchev briag ( Sunny beach) : one of the most popular and well-known see resort in Bulgaria.You just have to see and share what you have experienced.
  5. Burgas – second biggest city at the sea -side after Varna. Very nice and modern city. It is very clean and tidy. There are many hotels, malls and places to eat , walk and have fun. Also there is a concert going on each summer called ” The spirit of Burgas”. This year honorable guest was Robie Williams.
  6. Kavaci , Smokinia, Gradina : camping places , where you can have great fun ad time. Especially if you like surfing , kiting . There are numerous bars and cafes , where you can feel the total relax.
  7. Sozopol, Pomorie, Primorsko, Nesebur : small , but very beautiful towns of the sea side of Bulgaria, where you can feel the Bulgarian atmosphere. In Sozopol , each year there is a cultural festival held, called ” Apolonia”.

If everything sounded good and attractive to you, contact your agency or friend , who had recently been here. You will love Bulgaria, I promise you.

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