Blagoevgrad – Goce Delchev , Varosha and Berbatov

Hello, dear friends. It is nice having you in my blog. It is also nice to have the numbers of the posts getting bigger and bigger. Bulgaria is a small country, but there are so many interesting places that can be seen and so may interesting things to be done. Also there are many wonderful cities, which wit for they turn to come and their story to be told.


Today we will speak about Blagoevgrad. The city is situated in 100 kn distance south from Sofia and it is very close to our borders with Macedonia and Greece. This is the city with the greatest number of sunny days during the whole year in Bulgaria. Also the first thing you recognize about the city is a white cross , who is situated on one of the hills and is 33 meters high, but I will tell you about this later.


The old name of the city was Gorna Djumaya, during the Ottoman yoke, Djumaya was word for a market , because near the city every Friday was held a big market place. Nowadays the city is called Blagoevgrad and there are many interesting places and stories for it.


One of the most interesting places to see is the old town , the old neighborhood called ” Varosha” and the church ” Virgin Mary” which is situated in the heart of this district. In this region the houses are like the old style, very beautiful , common architecture like the houses you saw in my articles about Leshten, Kovachevica and Zlatograd. The streets are paved and there is a special spirit , while you are walking or taking photos around. Not forgetting to mention , that there are many cats around the houses and many more around the church. Church ” Virgin Mary ” was built in 1844 , all done and made with the efforts of the local people. There was a legend that women took small stones in their skirt in order for the church to be built stronger and bigger. Church is very beautiful and if you come to Blagoevgrad , you should definitely visit it and light a candle in it ( this is a traditional habit we do and we have as Orthodox Christians). In the yard of the church there are many graves and monument. One monument is of the general Orlovski, who liberated the city with his troops in 1878. Also there is a monument of Goce Delchev and members of his family who fought for the liberation of the city.


Goce Delchev is a national hero, one of the ideal makers and founders of VMRO – millitary organization for the liberation of Macedonia. Macedonia as you know it in its borders nowadays was part of the Bulgarian territory , but several bad contracts signed from our politics leaded to this situation. His ideas were for free Macedonia and Odrin in the territory of the Bulgarian country. He was killed in 1903 in village Banica, Seres district . The ambush was made by one his fellow class mate – Husein Tefikov. The grave and the remains of Goce Delchev are in the church ” Sveti Spas” in Skopjie.


We have also another hero, which faith is connected with the football player Dimitur Berbatov. He was born in Blagoevgrad and played for his own team Pirin. After that he was bought from CSKA. Then you know his brilliant carrier – Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham, Manchester United , Monaco and know is in Paok . Tessaloniki is very close to Blagoevgrad. What I can say for him – he is a very modest guy , with a technique of elegance and high class. Sir Alex Ferguson had said for him that he is one of the most elegant players he had seen in his all carrier. I would like to mention one interesting fact, that probably few of you may know- Berbatov is a also a brilliant painter. He is painting humans and faces , like cartoons but very popular and nice one. Every one in my country is proud with such diamond, especially his home city πŸ™‚



Not on the last place, to mention the fact that the American University in Blagoevgrad ,which was founded in 1991 is an attractive point for many students from different countries. Also here is the South West University “Neofit Rislki”and two more universitites. Thus the city is all the year full with young people. There are many pizza restaurants, caffes , pubs , two malls and lots of discos and bars. City is a popular and favorite destination to all of Bulgarian and for many foreigners from the close countries – Greece and Macedonia.

So what are you waiting, pack , plan and come. I was about to forget.. There are 3 main symbols of the city – you will see on many sculptures and monument -eagles ( symbol of the people faith , spirit and that there are many revolutionary who were born here) , also you will see a flying horse Pegasus ( the legend tell that a woman had passed through the city in recent ages with here horse, he was bout to die and she gave him water from a mountain spring, and the horse came back to live). The third and the newest symbol is the White Cross , on one of the hills. It is 33 meters high and symbolizes the human faith and spirit and can be seen from any point of the city. It was built and opened on 24 May 2014 , on the national holiday of the city and also the holiday for Cyrillic Alphabet and culture , alphabet was created by Cyril and Metodius .


Hope you liked this post. If you come to Blagoegrad , you will feel happy, you will see a lot of things and will have a good memories, I guarantee that to you. Have a remarkable day ….





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