Bratislava – place to see

Good day , dear fellows. Today I will introduce you one very beautiful city. The capital of Slovakia – Bratislava. We came by bus from Prague and what I can say it that  I was totally impressed by this magnificent city.

Usually the first impression, are the ones that stay forever. We saw the many bridges over Danube, the beautiful houses of Parliament , Theater , Opera and Museums. It was some picture between Prague and Ljubljana. Very beautiful architecture and the feeling like you are in home.

The people on the streets were all open, smiley and somehow hospitable. The common heart-opened people from Eastern Europe,we have the same hospitality here in Bulgaria.  There were also many foreigners : US citizens, Russians, Italians etc.

Famous people from Slovakia are : Marek Hamsik , Dominika Cibulkova, Martin Skrtl, Martina Hingis, Daniela Hantuchova and many more . It is usually in Czech Republic and in Slovakia to meet the names Peter, Marek ,Martin and Martina. They are very beautiful and most used names. As a total most popular sports in country of Slovakia are : football, tennis and ice hockey.

The thing that made me high impression was that in Slovakia beer is perfect, like in Prague. Wonderful one with many sausages and nice things to eat. I am a great fan of beer. For those who are still hesitating, pack your baggage Slovakia is awaiting you.

Prices are affordable. One thing that made me huge impression was the great number of beggars on the streets. Also there are many churches in Bratislava. For those who do not know they are catholic -protestants. The city of Bratislava is one diamond, that each one of you must see.





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