Budapest – Danube, beauty , history and many more

Goo day , dear friends. The truth is that this article had waited a long time, until this sunny day make it happen and appear in front of your eyes. Sometimes I do not feel prepared enough, to write and to share what I felt, during my trips in Bulgaria and all around Europe, hopefully my adventures will soon move to another continent:)

When I speak or share smiles about cities which are near rivers of seas, the feeling is just marvelous. These water resources usually give their beauty and spirit to all parts of the surrounding. As you all, dear readers know, water has memory and this memory can be felt. It is not just a poetry or writing technique, these are explorations and science works, which are devoted to this information.

When we entered the city  6 months ago, I was astonished. Many people, lots of traffic and transports ( city of Budapest is over 2 million of people , 1/5  of the inhabitants in Hungary).  Actually the capital of Hungary is united by two parts Buda and Pest. Buda is the part with the castles in front of the Parliament and Pest is 2/3 part of the city.

Tourists love the older part of the city – Buda with all the bridges, churches , cathedrals and castles. It is like a grandeur built and put on a hill. As being part of Austrian- Hungarian empire, this city has many stories to tell you.  I usually have the dilemma how much to write in the post. From a short time, I had decided the pictures to speak by themselves. I made my decision this way, because we live in very hard times, people do not have time to smile to each other. So many of the words can just swipe and fly away, but the pictures will stand for a long time in your mind 🙂

We also took a small ship, and traveled under all bridges and taking marvelous pictures. One of the most eminent building here in Budapest is the house of Parliament, it took very long time to be constructed, but it is amazingly, extremely beautiful by day and night. There are many tourist ships, who carry many and many tourists. Danube is the biggest river in this part of Europe, it comes from Schwarzwald mountain , takes a picturesque trip east and goes to the Black Sea. Danube passes through Wien, Novi Sad, Ruse, Svishtov and many more.

Another marvelous place is the Heroes Square . I was left speechless , when I saw those beautiful monuments and statues. Usually this is a place for great concerts and celebrations of national holidays in Hungary. Near this swuare there is a big thermal bath, open 24 /7 and many historical places and streets. The squares lays in the center of Budapest.

What I can say to you  dear friends is that Budapest is in my top 5 of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You can see here picturesque places, many tourists, amazing night clubs and bars. Also an interesting feature is the Hungarian language, it has nothing in common with all other languages , I have heard. It seems very hard to be understood and learnt, but it is an interesting one. If you are hesitating to take a trip to this marvelous city, please leave all hesitations back. Budapest is ancient, beautiful and totally charming. I guarantee you, that you will fall in love straight away. Be back soon, bye for now :):):)


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