Dubrovnik – the pearl of Adriatic sea

Hello , dear travelers , readers or normal first time visitors of my blog. Today is a writing day, so I am standing next to you and I am giving life to my new post. When you are giving life to something, you want anyhow or anyway to not be ashamed by your “creature “. This is a blog about travelling and today I will show and represent you one very beautiful city in Croatia.


Dubrovnik, also known in Latin time as Raguza , is a masterpiece in 16th  and 17th it had a leading domination after Venice city, because great part of trade, ships and people, were passing through Dubrovnik. The old town is that beautiful, that lord Bayron when visiting the city in 1929 , said that : “this is the heaven on Earth”. I can say that this is one of the most beautiful cities ,I have ever seen. And it is not only because of the architecture or the small paved street.It is not only because you are listening and hearing the songs of Adriatic sea, it is because of some calmness and harmony nevertheless there are thousands of tourist coming with buses, ferries or ships.


To whom which never have been to Croatia, I highly recommend to taste their naturally made ice cream,it is magnificent. People in Dubrovnik are very friendly and smiling, positive and also speaking many and different languages.


It is very interesting when you pay for a tour over the city walls. For all of you who like taking pictures, this is your heaven of Earth. On one hand you see the roof of the houses, on the other the Adriatic seas, also in front of your eyesight there are small gardens with oranges, or even small back yard pitches with basket playground. As all of us well know, Croatians are very good not only in football, but in basketball as well.


If you like travelling by sea , you can hire a yacht or a boat, it is expensive, but every cent worth, when you have come to such a gorgeous place. Not forgetting to mention , that big part of the old city was demolished and ruined by the bombs of Serbian planes, during the 6 years war for Independence of Croatia ( 1991-1996). After the end of the War with the help ofUNESCO, the city was all re-built and re-constructed. When you enter the old town , there is a map on the right showing where were the biggest hits by the bombs.



You can by many souvenirs from a shop nearly on every corner, the traders usually take only Kunas, but you can have luck to pay with Euro as well. Also I have to admit there is some art spirit in the city. It is like a cultural heart of Croatia. Yes, Zagreb is the biggest city and I have also been there, but in Dubrovnik there is something special in the air. You have to come and feel it. See you soon, dear travelers :):):)



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