Freedom, revolution and heroes/legends of all times

Hello dear, friends. There is one special town in Bulgaria. One place , which keeps the energy of Bulgarian spirit and tradition.  This is a town , where the freedom was born, where young man have given there lives, believing that the liberation of Ottoman yoke was close. Believing that the death of the idol of revolution Vasil Levski was not wasted.

This is the town of Koprivshtica, a place where nature, Balkans mountain and spirit of brave men and women have met together. This is a magical place, where lives, destinies and eyes are changed for a long period. This place gives and leads you to a special transformation. Even when you are walking on the streets( paved ones), old houses and the song of the winds, they are telling you stories and whisper you words of brave times and bright minds , who never wanted to be oppressed. Minds and hearts, who would rather die young, but never willing and wanting to be called “slaves” .

On 20 of April 1876 the April revolution had started at Koprivshitca. Turk soldiers were send to come and arrest Todor Kableshkov, who was close friends to Vasil Levski and leader of the Rebel Commitee in Koprivshica. They first went to its mother house, but she lied to them , telling that he was not there. On their way to Konak, they were killed. The square where the Turkish soldiers were killed,has the name ” First rifle”. One of the leaders of the rebellion was Georgi Benkovski , who took the Blood letter, written with own blood of Todoro Kableshkov, telling the other towns to rise and to fight till the last man standing. Georgi Benkovski was the leader of a cavalry crew and he has the famous words ” Wake up slaves, I do not want yoke “.  There is a marvelous statue from white stone, standing on the one slope above the town, nowadays.

The end of the revolution was a tragedy, with many victims and many brutal killings and also the Batak massacre, where most of the people of Batak were killed and burnt in the local church. Many innocent men and women, children as well were killed. One peopled, had declared that they want there freedom. Whole European countries, even world wide had heard about the brutal scenes of violence from the Turk repression military units against the rebels and the innocent people. The first step was made ….

Let’s get back to those young and patriotic people : Kableshkov and Benkovski. Both men from rich families , both men of means, but with hearts of lions. They suffered each day seeing the oppression of the Bulgarian. They wanted to stand up for freedom, they wanted to show that even after 500 hundred years of  Turkish Yoke, the Bulgarian spirit is alive…..

Todor Kableshkov died at the age of 25 , Georgi Benkovski – died at the age of 32. Their leader, the Apostle of Freedom –Vasil Levski died at the age of 36. Hristo Botev – poet, revolutionary leader and close friend , died at the age of 28 years. All were killed by the Turks. They were not only heroes, they were and are legends. They all perfectly knew what they were doing and did not have a single night of calm sleep, wanting to see Bulgaria free and independent.  I will go further, these men were geniuses of their time, risking everything, fighting against a huge army, but as all of you know, the flight of an eagle is something that mice, small birds or small souls, will never understand.

When you come to Koprivshtica, you will understand a lot of my words, you will feel the passion, you will get hypnotized by the marvelous nature. You will see a lot of museums, you will see the monuments of Benkovski, Kableshkov, LIuben Karavelov ( famous Bulgarian author and poet) . You will get in love with the old houses , with the paved streets and with the local cuisine. But the most important this is to carry that light, that power and energy of a star, that will shine in the next age , in the next till the end of time …….



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