Green is the color

I had spoken several years ago with a friend of mine, an English guy and he said “You have everything here in Bulgaria, but the most beautiful and touching thing is the ” green” all around you“. As all of you perfectly now, this color gives relax and brings harmony to our souls.

As I said in some previous article in this blog, there are numerous mountains and mountain chains in Bulgaria. The biggest one is Stara Planina ( Old Mountain) . She is splitting Bulgaria on two and ends at Sea side – Emine ( at Black sea). If you are a keen mountain walker or just explorer , I promise you that love will be the first feeling , when you see some of our mountains.

Another magnificent mountain is Rila . There are the so popular ” 7 Rila Lakes” . When you go to mountain top, you feel the power of creation , the magic of feeling your inner harmony and power. People often go there, to purify themselves and to clear their lungs.

What about the forests in Bulgaria? The landscape is thus made, that even in the valley there is many green color and many forests. You should just travel some day from Sofia to Varna, or from Sofia to Karlovo and to see what I am meaning. The landscape is that picturesque, so many foreigners had bought themselves houses in the mountains or villages close to mountains.

Not forgetting to mention Rodopi mountain. This is the place , where the famous Spartacus was born as a member of thracian tribe. Also in this mountains there are many mineral springs.

If you find this article interesting, browse and ask who ever you wish or remember about Bulgaria. You cannot love it, if you do not come and feel it with your hearts and eyes !


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