Leshten and Kovachevica – let the fairy tail begin

Hi  , dear all. Today I will tell you a story about Rodopi mountain. This is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria. Usually in the mountain there are special places with special stories and some mystic ways to get to them and to know the story of their creation and about their first inhabitants.


As you have seen from the heading of the post , the article will be about two villages who are very close to each one and are just gorgeous. They are very close to the city of Goce Delchev ( around 20 km) and are situated in the western part of Rodopi mountain. The road to there is very narrow and if you see car coming up to you, you have to wait or make great maneuvers. Also the view is marvelous, on the left hand there is a perfect view to Pirin mountain. As high as you get in the mountain, the air is fresher and you feel your lungs refined and pure. In the mountain all your body and soul empowers and revives. You are somehow close to o, close to the ancient people and the spirit of times, when technology was not that expanded in our routine and daily work and minds.


Leshten – bio tourism and marvelous houses made all from stone :

The first impressions of this cozy and very beautiful village is like the time has stopped and you are in a fairy tale. All the houses are made simply and only from stone. For ages people in the region of Bulgarian , have built and made their houses with stones, also the roofs are from stone parts. Also the little streets are all paved with stones. The story of this village is that a businessman bought all the houses , re-innovated and re-constructed them and now all of them are open for guests. Also there is a famous house, which resembles to the house of Flinstones cartoon movie. This one is also opened for guests. While you are crossing the small streets of this place  , you listen to birds singing and all around you there are so many fresh green trees and grasses. Not forgetting to mention the lovely , traditional, bio meals that you can eat here – yogurt ( cedeno kiselo mliako) , also you have to taste the traditional wine which they produce on this place.

Kovachevica – Bulgarian Hollywood and the tradition of renaissance of buiding of stone houses


If you have been impressed by Leshten , just wait and see the surprises that are waiting for you in Kovachevitza. This is a cultural and national heritage also a reserved city , as it is a fairy tale of masterpiece houses , paved streets , beautiful church ” Saint Nikola ” and also view that can make your heart stop for 5-10 seconds. In this place there are shot a lot of Bulgarian classical movies like : ” Mujki vremena “( Men ‘s time ) , “Mera spored mera “, ” Biala magia “( White magic) , Don Kihot is coming back , ” Vreme razdelno ” and “Kozia rog” (  The Goat horn). The last one was chosen for the best Bulgarian movie for the last 100 years. Also it was in the top 10 of most powerful and influential movies for the last century. I recommend you to watch it..


There is an interesting story about the name of this picturesque village. There was a very smart woman which was the wife of the smith in the village. When there was a quarrel or something which could not be decided or resolved by few people they also said ask the wife of the smith. In Bulgarian smith is kovach and the wife of the smith was called Kovachevitza.

The architecture of the houses is very unique. The houses are on two or three floors , all made from stones. On the first floor there were the animals ( sheep and cows ) on the upper floors , were the inhabitants. The streets are narrow and all paved . You can imagine what wine stays in the basins of such gorgeous houses. Also every where you go , you can buy traditional Bulgarian souvenirs.


On the last place , I would like to say about the church ” Saint Nicola” in Kovacheviza. It was buint in the 19 century for 7 years only from local architects and masters of building. It is all made from stones . The belfry was made several years after the building of the church. When you enter there, you feel special and mystic power. In the west part of the church there is a church school. Also there are preserved and well kept several icons and pictures from old times.


There are many beautiful places, that await to be seen and photoed. Maybe on your next trip, you will see the one I have mentioned in my post , I do not know. But I give you my word, once you have seen these places and this marvelous stone houses you would wish to come back with bigger company. Have a nice day ahead…









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