Let it snow

Hi , dear all. It is a perfect time of the year now. When we speak about winter, there is a special feeling and a glitter that appears in the eyes of everyone. Winter is that special time of the year when all the nice and good December holidays have passed and on January we are enjoying the snow.

In Bulgaria there are many nice places and mountains, where you can see and enjoy the snow at its excellence . Some of you might have been and are a nice photographers, other may love to ski in Bansko or Pamporovo , or go to Vitosha mountain next to our lovely capital -Sofia. I do not know, my goal is to make you love and want to visit my country. You can not have hard feeling, before you recognize and realize what is the measure of beauty and harmony.

This piece of harmony and of clear vision and inner calmness is given by snow . Let me share you my thought of why I love and maybe you do the same with winter :

  1. To see the snow how softly covers all- it is a relaxing process. It is a moment of a meditation and great thinking about the meaning of creation of the word and our roles in it.
  2. The ” white ” blanket that gives special power and magical inspirations. There are two special season – spring and winter. In spring all is awaken up for new live and new fresh colors, in winter  it is more beautiful as the “white ” blanket is the special safety shield , which covers all and prepares us and the nature for the upcoming year and the revival of spring 🙂
  3. Bulgarian mountains  in winter are mote than gorgeous. The winter has ti be felt and seen in the mountain. If you are not a skier or rider of a snowboard, there are also many ways to enjoy this marvelous season. If you like you may visits Bansko or Razlog, just for a weekend or few days and taste the wonderful Bulgarian wine and lovely dishes they cook there.
  4. The kids are happy – tell me in which other season you can see more smiles on the faces of the children. Snow is that special spice , the space in their and our hearts , which suddenly in a minute makes us laugh, makes and and provoke us to be better humans.
  5. To drive a long road distance in a ” white” fairy tale. This is my favorite part. When I drive my car and all is covered with snow , it is very special time for me. It is like a long distance travel, not just from point A to point B, it is a travel to the better part of me. It is a travel in the most beautiful country in Europe and world – Bulgaria.

I guess you liked my post. I want to write more and more, and this will soon happen. If you still have not planned your winter vacation, feel welcome and take the adventure to come to my beautiful country. You will experience and fell a lot of interesting moments, especially in the winter. Have the best day today and if some of these words , have seeded in your heart, just google Bulgarian and Bulgarian mountains 🙂



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