Miracle rocks – just hold your breath

DSC_1462Hello, dear readers. I will tell you a story about one phenomenon of nature. It is called  ” Miracle rocks ” , in Bulgarian it is said Chudnite skali. This place stands on 90 km south from Varna, municipality Dulgopol on the road between Provadia and Aytos. Close to the road there is the railway between Plovdiv and Varna. The rocks lay on one of the sides of Conevo dam, this is the 3rd biggest dam in Bulgaria , which was made after connecting the waters of Kamchia river and also forced people form one village to go to another place ,in order to create the dam. Close to the rock phenomenon stays Asparuhovo village, where there are many guest house , made at your convenience at a reasonable prices.


Conevo dam is a very interesting and scary place. When you go there you will definitely see some boats with fishermen, usually 3 or 4 people, because there are immense fishes in the waters of this dam. The rumors say there are so huge catfishes , who are above 100 kg weight and there are also many people taken and killed by them. It does not matter from what point of view , you are watching the dam, either from the Miracle rocks, or from the road – you feel hypnotized and somehow astonished…..


To get to the rocks , you have to swerve from the main road and to have a walk by feet. From a long distance , the cliffs look like and ancient castle and make your breath stop. It is a natural phenomenon built by wind, water and limestone. It is unique masterpiece. There are three main rocks complexes with big towers and tunnel which was made by humans…


My first impressions were from a place close to heaven, I was in such intimacy with nature..  I bet all of you had felt this sense or have been in such situations, when you just said to your self, oh God you have created such things , that even a whole life could not be enough to understand and realize some of them…


It is very windy when you cross and pass though the tunnel and have a look around, taking pictures and feeling fascinating and amazed by all that beauty. Here is the place to mention that this place is favorite one for climbers and fisherman. Close to the natural phenomenon Miracle rocks there is a cottage up in the mountain and there are many path ways, favorite for the tourists.


I have never been passing by that place with train, but I can guess and imagine that it would be great to take pictures from it. The interesting thing is the bridge that is built over the dam, the road needs to be prepared , but the feeling when you travel with car is gorgeous. On the right hand you have the waters of the dam and the ancient castle of the Miracle rocks, on the left one you have again the waters of the dam plus the railway , all the other surrounding is green trees and grass. It is just amazing. On this place you can take hundreds of photos.


Close to this phenomenon is situated the city of Provadya, also known as one of the most ancient cities in Europe. In my future posts , I will write about this interesting place as well. If you like climbing, catching fish or if you are just a keen fan of tourism and also great photographer, just take your time, leave some weeks of your vacations and step by. Miracle rocks is a place that will stay forever in your heart. And I promise you , that after you see it and come back to your countries and home places, even the mentioning of its name, will make your heart shiver and a mysterious smile will appear on your face.. See you very soon.








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