Peles- castle of Romania and world heritage

Good day, if you may. The most interesting part, when you are traveling to different places are the traces these places leave in your heart. It does not matter if we speak about, cities, people , castle or marvelous seas and mountains. Traces , these are the main reasons to try to discover many and new challenges in life as a whole.


Today , I will be speaking about a splendid place in Sinaya mountain, Romania. It is called Peles castle ( castelul in Romanian language). I must say , that the place is chosen and bought by Karol I with great mind and sense. It is not only nature, clean and fresh air, it is kind of a special place. I always love the air in the mountain….

I have to admit, that this castle is not just beautiful and amazing. It has German, Italian styles. It has everything and makes you fall in love with it. The archery room, many pictures and lovely colors. It is more of the masterpiece of culture and architecture in Romania.

My favorite place was the library. I die for reading and having as much books as I can. In every castle this place has its own magic and charm. Many and old books, have their stories and their scenarios , which are only and simply written for you….

Dining place and bed rooms, class. Class and luxury , there words symbolize the meaning a lot. If you are a queen or a king, these words are always at presence in your daily routine and life.

And it comes to nature outside, you will see it from the pictures and you have to see it as well with your own eyes. Some things have to be felt with the heart. I will leave speechless here….



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