Perperikon – close to Gods or close to human excellence

Good day , dear fellows. How do you feel today ? What is your mood and how do you like my travel blog? The power of blogs is consisting of the facts and directions that can transfer you to different places and give you hint and clue how and where to go in the best possible way.


My country is very reach of historical monuments, ancient complexes, fortresses and castles. Not forgetting to mention churches and miracles of nature, which will be future participants in next posts. There are such holly places, such historical heritage that touches you inside and turns around all your world. This feeling I had when I entered the Colloseum, when I went to Vatican and when I stood in front of the doors of Uffici museum. Such a strong emotion and electricity through all my cells, I felt when I went to Perperikon previous year.


What is Perperikon? Is this a saint place, just a castle and a special place , all made by stone , with many paved streets, Oracle place( Acropolis) and mystical legends are just floating around in this place, while we were walking and listening to guide’s stories. I was all shivering the time, while I was waling upstairs over the paved streets, terraces and ruins that were about to start talking and telling many and interesting stories. We were a big group and every single one of us was astonished from all the things we saw and heard about. While you were reading, probably you are getting curious about the details, hot to get to there and how much money to prepare. Do not hurry, I will tell you all the information, I just want to enter in this story as it was knocking in my mind and wanting to appear in the most glamorous way on a white horse , holding golden crown and smiling to you and me.


We started our trip from Sofia heading to highway to Plovdiv and made a turn to Parvomai, going to Kurdjali. We were passing through small and interesting villages, heading south we saw many interesting places, who were photoed by my wife. In a 15 km distance north east from the city of Kurdjali is Perperikon. It is a very bad way to get to there , as it has not been re-innovated for many years. There are road tables in Bulgarian and English , which will guide you on your way. It is a very picturesque experience, as you are going deep in the Rodopi mountain, as you also are crossing small villages with very nice and good people, who will help you with open heart. The times in travelling from Kurdjali to Perperikon is 30 minutes bu car. Let’s me now point you all the main things about this sanctuary and holly place :


  1. When you park your car there , they will take you 1 lv( 0,5 eur) parking fee. Also the entrance for the complex is 6 lv ( 3 euro) , for students and pupils are 2 lv ( 1 euro). If you want to take a guide, it will cost you 30 lv ( 15 euro). I recommend you to do so, as you will learn interesting stories. There is available English guide course.
  2. When you start your way  climbing and heading up to the sanctuary , you have to wear comfortable shoes, because other wise you risk to come back down shortly. You will be walking on stones and maybe losing your breath  , but when you go up you will fell happy and satisfied. The view from up side of the hill is just marvelous. This sanctuary belonged to Bessi, a Thracian tribe which were mystical and people who loved working and creating brilliant art works. When you see how the stones were made, you realize that nothing can be put between 2 connected stones.
  3. All the materials were brought from the valley , which was an immense labor. I could hardly believe and imagine, how much it worth for building such a masterpiece, a castle, an Akropolis ,  a church and a holly place, which was not only secure but full of beauty and marvel.
  4. The temple of Dionisos – thracian tribes loved to drink wine and Dionisos was their favorite God. Also one of the most important place in Perperikon is the Oracle place , the Akropol where two great predictions have been made. Here on this place using the method of firing wine on a saint place , oracle had predicted to Alexander The Greatest that he will expand his Empire till Asia and also the grandeur and magnificence of Roman Empire were predicted here.
  5. The ” father” of history Herodotus, said that the sanctuary in Perperikon and the predictions made there are the 2nd valued after the ones did by the oracle in Delphi.
  6. Proves for living in this place were found and dating from 5000 years B. C . In the ancient days the whole area of this sanctuary place was around 12 square km.
  7. On the right hill that stands next to Perperikon are about to be made new excavations and probably more interesting facts will be found and revealed to the public and to the many tourists coming here from many different countries in the world.
  8. When you come back down to the parking place, you may buy yourself souvenirs , map of Bulgaria and the region. You may also buy wooden , traditional spoons, which will cost you 4 lv ( 2 euro).

In a conclusion , I like to say that this pace will stay forever in my heart and I will definitely come back. I do not know if it will be this or next year. My advise to you is to come and see it. All the pictures, and the words cannot describe the magic, the creation and the powerful energy which shines and speaks from every stone and part of this masterpiece. I do not know, if I was close to Gods on Perperikon ( 470 m height from the ground) , but I was deeply in touch with the pure masterpiece of humans dating back in the days , when technologies were just a dream. I felt more then perfect. Now it is your turn to decide …..


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