Petur Dunov – The Master

Good evening, dear all. I suppose you are coming from school, work, university.Staying on the sofa or on a chair, take some rest and want to see what is interesting and new, not only in my blog. Interesting facts usually and most of the time are just in front of of our eyes, but do we want and like to see it as they are.

Today story will be something different from what you may expect as a content of a travel blog. It will be a story of one man, who left many ideas and spiritual techniques behind him, but also made a lot of people to think- how to live better, hot to do better things and how to evaluate living in harmony with nature and all other human beings.

He was and he is a diamond, a man of great honor and symbol for inspiration. You just see his face and his eyes, they can tell all other I will try to explain with my simple words. As you all know there are humans, geniuses or maybe mediators, who come for a while , shake our lives and inner world and go back to where they belong – the Universe.

His name is Petur DunovBeinsa Douno or simply the Master. A man born in the village of Nikolaevka near Varna on 11th of July 1864. His father was the first teacher in this region and after that he became an Orthodox priest. I will pass his early years, but obviously he was a very curious boy , alter and man for knowledge from different spheres.

He graduated the Boston University School of Theology and came back to Bulgaria in 1893. Maybe his mission was to gives us a sign or to change our point of thinking. You know in each nation, there are spiritual leaders and men of great honor and intellectual power – Ghandi, Dalay Lama, Rasputin , Djuna , Vanga , Nostradamus .. and many more. Their ideas as a whole are pointed to the beginning, from where all had started – the nature and the relation between humans and nature and all the sources, we have a connection with , but we are totally devastating and ruining them…

One of the most powerful things that Petur Dunov invented was the White Brotherhood and the special called dance “paneurhythmy “. Why was the bortherhood called white? It has nothing in common with the color of the skin. It is because all the participants in dance, prayers or just lecture are wearing white clothes. He preached for the power of mind, anything can be done or cured with the power of each one positive thinking. I know you have heard a lot about this, but I just have to say it you πŸ™‚

What about this special dance “paneurhythmy“? Usually a great gatherings have been done and now are held in Rila mountain, close to the 7 Rila Lakes. As more of the spirituals believe that the energy is bigger in the highest parts of the mountains, also there is a balance between the energy of our planet, energy of the space, the sun and the all participants in this dance. While they were dancing they are saying prayers… It is a very interesting experince.

The master died in 1944 year and he is buried in Izgrev (sunrise) estate in Sofia. The place is called the Sunny Garden or the Garden with the flowers. It is a very special place close to the Russian Embassy . Each Sunday many people go and stay there , just to think, walk or meditate. While he was alive in this region he was giving his Sunday lectures and explained parts of the Bible to his followers. Also for your information, on this place there are many birds. The place has a special energy and I recommend each one of you , when has a visit to Sofia to come and see it.

Thank you , master for all the lesson of humanity that you had left to us, thank you for all your lectures and positive words. I have not been alive, when you were among my grandfather , mother and father, but I heard a lot of good words for your deeds. After that when I grew up, I read a lot of your books – about diets, spiritual balance and mind and body control, I explored your live and I am happy. I am happy and proud , because we both are Bulgarians . I am happy that I wrote this article about you. I guess all of my visitors will be happy too and will find some of your books. Rest in piece, great minds, great ideas and phenomenons never die !!!!



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