Plitvice lakes – natural beauty

Good evening, dear friends. I have special feelings , when I am writing about one country which is very close to my heart. If you are a regular visitor in this blog, you would have recognized and realized  , that I am speaking about Croatia.


I heard two of my friends, speaking one day about Plitvice lakes. They said , that they are so gorgeous that , they can visit it regularly each year. I though , what a miracle this should be. One of my girl friend had visited over 50 countries from all around the Globe and she was about to visits this place for 5th or 6th time.


If I wanted to give you just figures, I would sip and put to your attention numbers and numbers. All I can say and promote is this : 1 million visitors from all around the world visit this place. It is part of a National Park which is preserved and saved by UNESCO. The lakes are sixteen and also there are 20 caves, which usually are not shown for visit. Also in the woods around the lakes, there could be found bears( brown ones) , many salmon in them , foxes , wolves … Yes, this is a peace of heaven, I am not joking……


Also the National  Park is close to the border with Bosnia and Hercegovina. From November till March the whole place is covered with snow and the lakes got frozen on January and February. Also around one of the biggest hotels around , you will feel the smell of onion and garlic, these are they wild relatives. This place is not just a piece of Paradise, it is a place to which you would like to come back regularly. Now it is time to enjoy the perfect pictures from there :




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