Plovdiv -ancient and marvelous

Hello, dear visitors . It is a great honor for me to write this article. It is an article about an ancient city , a heritage that has the power to conquer your dreams, to enter in your mind, and never let you go.

If you have been to Rome, the capital of Roman Empire,  feeling is the same. You are fascinated from the first point of view, straight after you went in the central part of the city and seeing all the seven hills. Yes the resemblance is magnificent. Plovdid is a city with real inhabitants since 8000 years. It was and it is one of the 4 most ancient cities in Europe. It brings history and many memories, from all the citizens, traders, painter, soldier  and humble man , who gave their best to turn this city into a living legend.

What do you have to do when you are for the first time in the second city by population in Bulgaria ( around 500 000 people recently):

  1. Definitely you  have to check first the ancient city of Plovdiv – with many houses from Renneisanse , Ancient Roman Amphy Theater .paved streets many pubs and galleries. Most of the places in the city are called with the name Puldin, which is also an anceint name of the city. It is also known as Philipopolis , named after Philip Macedonian the father of Alexander The Greatest.dreamstime_m_78284219
  2. To go and to see the International Plovdid Fairy – like in Bologna it is an international meeting of many companies in different areas.
  3. Maritza river and it is beauty – the city is naturally split on two by this very beautiful river.
  4. To see the seven hills and take pictures from there , as the Bulgaria was under the rule of Ottoman Empire , the hills in Turkish were called “tepe”. The city is also known with the name under the tepes( under the hills).
  5. Night of the theaters – one day for 24 hours all the museums and theaters are open for free for visitors.
  6.  The home place of the first beer in Bulgaria – Kamenitza , firstly brewed in 1881. When you come to Bulgaria, I recommend you to taste all the kinds of this beer. Actually it is my favorite one as well.
  7. Filibe ( anoterh name, actually a Turksih one of the city ) – is the home and birth place of many well known and famous all around the world Bulgarians – Hristo Stoichkov, Stefka Kostadinova , Hristo Bonev and Tzvetana Pirkonova.dreamstime_m_78283970
  8. You have to check and see many of the churches and mosques in the city. Traditionally for ages many religions live together in peace and harmony for ages.- Jewish , Muslim, Christians and Armenians, who are also Christians.
  9. Also in the center there is the ancient stadium of Philipopolis. It is very beautiful, near the old Djumaia mosque.
  10. To listen to the singing and shining fountains in the central garden of the city. It is very beautiful. The climate and the people are always smiling and helpful.

Plovdiv, Puldin, Philipolis, Filibe – many names for one city One shining star and a legend for the European and World cultural heritage. It is a place, which has a special magi like Rome, Prague, Wien, Budapest. This city never sleeps and will welcome you any time you want to see and visit it.dreamstime_m_78284077


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