Pobiti kamuni – do you dare?

Good evening, dear friends and dear followers. It is a great pleasure for me to have you here with me , not literally net by me, but staying close and reading with your breath hold all the new and upcoming articles. It is a great challenge to write and to explore with you all the nice and marvelous places of my lovely and beautiful country – Bulgaria.



Yes,  I know that for more of you, your countries are the most beautiful ones. All I want from you is to stand and sit patiently and to read as much as you can. To see the pictures, to think, maybe to decide and to come to see with your own eyes. I do not want more from you, I just want you to feel all the beauty and lovely places, if you dare to come , you will be welcomed and your stay will count, will count not as a visit , it will be counted as already made good choice. Because good choice is a privilege of intelligent and good people. I know your good, so the next lines are for you….

I will tell you today a special story, I will give you a pass to a very intimate and unique world. I love mysteries, how about you ? Everyone has attraction and feeling about the unexpected and hard to be explained things and stories, why not about some ancient and sacred places.



One of these places in Bulgaria is called ” Pobiti kamuni “, if I have to be correct with the translation , they are like put there from somewhere, some stones who do have a great resemblance with “Stone Hendge” in UK . The place is situated at 18 km distance from our sea capital Varna. It is easy accessible by car and once you get there you will fell like being hypnotized. You will feel something, that will make your skin shiver. Maybe you will feel yourself as a part of a big mystery, which will not be found easily to be explained. You just have to feel and see it…



For me it is a sacred place, a place that has its own history and it is a cultural heritage. It is something that gives us some signs, maybe the ancient people left us signs to walk our road easily. Most of the stones are high between 2 and 10 meters. Also I must have to say , that the feeling is like in big labyrinth in Geometry. You see a lot of symbols and shapes and you keep asking yourself what is the meaning of all of it. Why is this complex of figures so big ???


I meant to write a very long post, a post with many numbers , advises and prices. but…. I will let the pictures speak by themselves. If you are interested and if you have seen just a small percentage of all I have mentioned above, please make the next move and be the next visitor of Dikilitash – ” Pobiti Kamuni “.




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