Prague – art, bridges, beer and more…..

I am back again , dear tourists, bloggers or just people, who like to transfer to different parts and points of Europe, while reading my blog.  When I catch the muse , I am obliged to write as much as I can, because there comes days, when nothing can be produced or written…


This year, we have been to several marvelous capitals in Europe and one of it is Prague. It is one of the most visited cities in the world from tourists , you can see : Japanese, Chinese, Americans and many , many people from Europe. Prague is rich of beautiful bridges, cathedrals, churches and monuments.


On every step you take, there are at least 20 things, that deserve your attention and another 50 for shooting with a camera. It is like a book with millions of pages, and each one deserves special attention, but you have to have at least one month to see all the sight-seeings…


I have been to many places and cities in Europe, but this one just took my attention, make my heart shake and I was like hypnotized. Is it just because of some kind of beauty, or just I went into a masterpiece , I do not know. There are moments in live, when you get into a total shock, but a nice shock -cultural , art and musical. You are and will be in another world……


I will tell you you abut the astronomical watch from 1410 which is the only working from that time. On the square where it is situated, there are always many people, seeing the figures dancing. It is a special clock and I will tell you no more about it……


One of the most important thing to do is drink their marvelous beer : Budweiser, Staropramen or other kind of beers, which goes perfectly with schizel, potatoes or sausages…. You can go and take a tour with carriage , there are many of the in the central part, like in Wien.


What else I can tell you – this is not just a city it is a special place for young people, tourists, lovers of photography or just people who are that much in love, that stay to live in the city till their way on this planet finishes. In Prague there is some special romance,like in Venice. If you think,that I am joking then you have mistaken the blog :):):)


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