Sofia – forever young

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria.For those who are not informed, the country is situated in the Eastern Europe on the Balkans.The capital of Bulgaria is very ancient city. There are ruins from Roman and Byzantic empires period. The city was also known in the other ages as Serdika, this was the name of the Roman tribes, who inhabited this region-“Serdi”.

If you visit the city as a normal tourist there are many historical, cultural and interesting places to visit and take pictures of. There are many museums, churches, parks, restaurants and caffe’s. One of the most splendid things is the Vitosha mountain , which is nearby the city. Often the citizens of Sofia go there on Saturdays and Sundays for walking, skiing or just to relax from the noise of the city.
Night life is one of the more intense in Europe and in Eastern Europe as well. You may go to places with different kind of music like rock, hip-hop, techno and fusion and traditional Bulgarian music. The cuisine is also splendid. It this will be your first time to Bulgaria, you hate to try : shopska salad, kebache, kufte ,musaka, surmi and tr tradiotinal yoghurt , which is marvelous.
The name of the city comes from Greek language and it means “wisdom”. As the caital of Bulgaria, the city has concentrated in its center the houses of Parliament, Bulgarian National Bank, President and Ministry council buildings as well. Not on the last place there are hotels for each one of you: art ones, classy and cozy, normal 3 and 4 stars as well.
One good fact to acknowledge and point out is the many malls and business buildings built recently. It is because many international companies have moved their offices to Bulgaria.
Let’s say something about the people in the capital of Bulgaria. They are polite, smiley and speaking many and different languages. They are well educated and if you speak good English , they will understand and direct you to any place you want to see and visit.
Sofia is waiting you. When you have time and , you are hesitating where to travel to ,remember this article and come to see the capital of Bulgaria.


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