Sopot – cradle of revolution and scent of freedom

Good evening, dear friends. How are you today? What interesting things have happened to you ? I decided to write tonight as an impulse, as something coming deep down from my soul and heart. Tonight I will tell you a story about one very ancient town in Bulgaria.

I will be writing about Sopot. The town is situated 5 km from Karlovo, from Sofia the distance is 130 km. The town is situated nearly in the bottom on the central Balkans mountain. It is very beautiful place with people , who do have spirit for freedom and it has always been a place of progressive minds and brave men and women. You can reach to there by car, bus or by tramp. I recommend you to go there by car, as you will see very beautiful sight-seeings along the way.

One of the most popular man of this city is Ivan Vazov. He is one of the most famous Bulgarian poets and writers. He wrote the novel “Under the Yoke “, a book about the life of Bulgarians and the preparation for the April revolution in 1876. I recommend you to find and read this book. His statue is situate in the center of the city , next to the statue in the right it is his birth house. When we were under Ottoman Yoke , the city was called the White Church. Yes there is such church and I strongly recommend you to see it.

In Sopot in 1858 Vasil Levski, becomes a monk with the name Ignatii at the church “Saint Spas”. There is something very special when you walk through the paved streets of this town. You do feel special energy, it is not just because it is close to mountain.It is not because there are many famous people and revolution guys born here. We have a sentence in Bulgarian , that the mountain gives birth to people of revolution and strong mind and soul and the valley gives birth to pumpkins .. πŸ™‚

In the city there are 27 fountains running 24/7 with a natural water from the mountain. The name Sopot comes from Slavic tribes and means , that it is a water source , a big lake or river. Also the city has nice climate and big temperature amplitudes. It could be very hot in the day, but in the evening because of the cold air coming from the mountain, the temperatures go rapidly down…

Not on the last place , Sopot is famous with people who do come for paragliding, mountain bikes rides and just to walk into the mountain and take wonderful pictures. The nature is so beautiful , no matter at what time of the year you would plan your stay.

Another places to see : Anevsko castle – it is an ancient castle, over the village of Anevo, which is several km close to Sopot- very beautiful castle. Also the Grandfather Stoyan‘ s Mill, in fron of it there is a saved stone on which Ivan Vazov had the habit to sit and relax. This mill is close to a lift, which is the biggest of its kind on Balkan peninsula and will lead you up in the mountain.

Sopot is a wonderful town. And not just because I spend my summer time there, to a relative of mine. It is because of its spirit, people, nature and secrets… Maybe when you come, you will find the secrets for you, which you will share with your friends…………….



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