Speed, passion and motors – Bulgaria

Hello to all. I guess this is not your first time on this site. If it is, I hope you will bring next time some friends with you.This post is meant to be a little bit different. Yes, this is a blog about travelling and tourism , but I would like to show you some different points and angles of my lovely country.

People in Bulgaria, no matter young or old , do live riding motors. No matter, if this is a super -speed one, or just old motor, who is driven , just simple for the passion to drive a motor. Also in Bulgaria, in Sevlievo there is held a tour of cross-country motors World Championship. I also have a friend who is driving a cross-country motor, just going with some other “crazy heads” and jumping down the slopes of Stara Planina mountain.

Why did I mention passion? If you are not doing anything without passion, then it does not worth doing it. Passion is that secret spice, that gives live a special taste. When you cross the borders of my country , you will definitely feel that special passion.

Not on the last place, there are special meeting held for lovers all type of motors from all around Europe. If you are travelling by car, there is not an accident if you see a group on men and women , driving new motors or just some Harley Davidson’s.

We do also have in Bulgaria, rock bands on motors. When you  see those guys, the title of the post and the feeling to see such groups makes you shiver. They are wild, free and speed and honor are their main motives and driving powers for living.

Bulgaria is an amazing place, you just have to come and see it with your eyes. But the most important thing is to feel it with your heart. When you feel it with your heart, than the meaning and existing of my blog , will become huge and important not only for me 🙂

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