“V” like Varna

There is something very special when you write, speak, think, feel or dream about the sea, or city situated on the sea. There is such special feeling that makes your eyes look like a man or woman in love. Usually sea , ocean or river always makes us think, makes us dream , or makes us feel in such magical way, that all the time we want to come back. To come back to the beach and listen to the sounds of the blue , the sound of the endless sea or ocean.

Today we will speak about Varna. It is the sea capital of Bulgaria. It is situated on the Black sea , had half a million inhabitants and definitely is a city to remember. There are many historical site-seeings, many museums, hotels a marvelous park near the sea and many disco clubs.

I do not know about you, or about the people who has not still seen this diamond in the crown of Bulgarian cities, but for me Varna has its special beauty during the night. No matter of the season, I fell in love every single time, when I see it from different points of views : Asparuhovo bridge, the Two Towers mall or even from Raponghi by night.

Raponghi is a reastaurant -bar at the beach with artificial palms, where you can go by night to eat something perfect or just to listen to chill out music.

Pobitite kamuni–  a special stone complex, which is similar to Stone Hendge is situated on 8 km from Varna, direction to the high way to Sofia.

Aladja monastery – it is a church , a orthodox christian monastery built in the rocks , pointed a 2,5 -3 km direction north from Varna, the way to Golden Sands ( Zlatni piacusi).

One of the  most important things in the city , is the cathedral ” Uspenie Bogorodichno” . It is one of the symbols of the city. Also you must see the delphinarium. With a hand on my heart,  I can tell you – I am in love with this city. I am in love with the people of Varna,with the sea, with the lights by night. When you are in Varna, stars shine brighter.

Come and see, and than tell me if I am right or wrong. The heart of Varna is bigger that you can imagine:)

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