Veliko Turnovo – old capital of Bulgaria

Good morning, dear travelers. Winter is not the perfect season for searching and expanding new directions and cities, but it worth trying. When we say or you hear about Bulgaria, you connect the name of the capital with one city -Sofia.

But there is one town, which use to be capital of The Second Bulgarian state and also after the liberation from Ottoman yoke it was capital for several years. The name of this town is Veliko Turnovo. It is is situated in the north western part of Bulgaria and is surrounded by brilliant nature.

One of the most popular place to see and took photo at is Tzarevetz – the famous castle. Which on National Holidays and historical dates is all covered with light and becomes glorious and too beautiful. Also for your information Veliko Tunovo is above the Yantra river and many of the districts and houses are like a birds put on that hills. It is something I have seen in Budapest or it resembles to Rome with its hills, here there are not seven. When you have river and hills, nice, tiny roads and cozy houses give that special feeling and harmony , when you visit this place as a tourist or just like a professional photographer.

One very popular place to see in the town is the monumnet ot Tzar Asen and Tzar Petur , which lead the rebellion movement in 1185 for liberating the state from Byzantion yoke. As from the sources of many reliable scientist and people, lived at that time , Veliko Turnovo resembled and was like Rome, Constantinopole and Jerusalem. The capital not only of one country , but its cultural , historical and architectural heart.

In the town of Veliko Turnovo you may see many tourists and and students, as there are plenty of universities here. For those of you who will come for the first time, I advise you to try and visit all of the restaurants and small places, who have a view to the Yantra river and the monument ot Asen and Petur ( tzars). This place is magical. Many of the foreign visitors, first go to Turnovo, Varna , Plovdiv then they come to the real capital now – Sofia. It is your choice to chose your first direction in Bulgaria. Be good and be always curious πŸ™‚



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