Venice – before, after and forever

Good evening, dear night riders, readers and the ones, who search beauty and culture everywhere around themselves. There is something unique, when we start to speak about Italy . Italy is the cradle of art, music, fashion and nice coffer. Maybe it is the cradle of romance and love, not only because of the story of Romeo and Juliet. It can be the lad of nice wine as well?


One of the most special cities in Italy is Venice. The town -Republic, the dominant power in the sea trading and vast conqueror of territories , cultures and many art-fact, the city in the Laguna, which is kept by wooden bars , over the sea level. Is it all real?


There is one interesting argument, which city is better Rotherdam or Venice, both are unique, this is for sure. On thing I must say – Venice has the beauty of masterpiece, which will live and last long after we leave this world and planet. This city is like Rome,Florence, Dubrovnik , Paris – it is like a breathing “creature”, which has in its stone walls and roofs the history and legend of many people, who gave their life for a grandeur, that will last for ages.


The most eminent places in the city are : Piazza San Marco , the Castle of the Dodges , Fish market , The Rialto bridge, the Bridge of whispers and Canale Grande with all special boats, called ” gondolla“. Also there is a mask parade each year, which attracts many tourists. Venice is a very crowded and expensive tourist destination, but it is so beautiful and magnificent, that you have to to feel regret for a single time or a  second.


If you have time to cross all the squares and small paves streets, you will get amazed by the architecture genius of the people, who gave their talent to built a city in the sea. To give life and beauty to everything their talent was in touch with. You have to walk and open all your senses and your heart. In order to love and want to see Venice more, you have to love it. Because without loving it, you would not be able to feel it and see it, the way most romantic souls do.


One thing, I was about to forget, in the city you will see many lions with wing, which is the symbol of the city and the area of Veneto, which administrative capital is the city of Venice. All I can say is, that I lost my breath when I stepped into this masterpiece. Also there are shops of all world known and famous fashion marks, the city of Venice does not sleep and can provoke even the most sophisticated and caprice people. Venice is a throne of glory and if you are ready to be king or queen, please feel welcome to open your heart and eyes in this universe of beauty and harmony.




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