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Hello dear travelers , readers and visitor of my blog about Bulgaria. When you want and like to explore something, you want to explore it deep inside, to know everything about the object you dreamed of. Not on the last place, the most important is where you plan to stay and for how long.


In my lovely country , there are plenty of wonderful hotels, to be seen, visited and stayed at. No matter what choice will be: near the see, at our wonderful mountains , or our capital Sofia and the see one -Varna, you have a great range of hotels.

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This post is here to ask you some questions, why not to be your guide line or guide friend :)Usually no one likes  to be or get advised about anything. I will try to be that person, you will try to point you out some milestones and interesting stuff, which I had learned during my work at hotels and as I had traveled around Europe. Let’s try to make a list of criteria or questions, which would guide us to the perfect choice:


  1. How much means do we have to spent during the stay ? To be in the best hotel , does not mean that we have given all of our budget for it. Usually when you buy you self a luxurious stay, you buy yourself time.
  2. What about the noise? If we are staying in a big city, where is the perfect place to be: in the center or in the suburbs.
  3. All –inclusive hotels , are the best choices for business trips or BB( bad and breakfast) is just fine?
  4. How often do we like to see “smiles” on the faces of the stuff? This is my main key to hotels, which I like to come back. Smile sell, invites, welcomes and gives pleasure all the time, you see it and you feel it is from the heart.
  5. What about the little hotels  in villages, like the ones we have in Bulgaria? Everything is home made, there is no noise in the small villages and the perfect nature, also the hospitality of the owners of the hotels. It is a choice,that always is a winning one at the end.
  6. Do you like and are aware and keen that the hotel should definitely have pool , SPA and fitness? Sometimes fitness is just fine. But the times had changed and most of the people like the SPA procedures, who prevent  them for the every day stress.
  7. Before you go to any new destination, do some research about the food. As I had ensured you, the food in Bulgaria is simply the best. In one of the hotels , I used to work it, there was a guy from US who ate 10 salads a day, just because he liked the taste of our tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and species. You just have to come and try if by yourself.
  8. Does and advice from a friend count? It is a knife , who may comes back to you. If it a first time stay, may advice is to take the risk. Bet on zero, close your eyes and take all the perfect emotions , that will follow.


This is was all for now from me. See you soon in the next article. If you do hesitate to come, just do some small steps: write Bulgaria in all the favorite search sites you know and then become to explore with smile. If you are still hesitating, read the previous posts of mine. Wish you a splendid day 🙂

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