Why to choose Bulgaria?

This blog will be about my country, about where I live , about where I will die, about where my child is growing and my wife and friends are living and making my life so beautiful and incredible. This is my country -Bulgaria. This is a place with history of over several thousand years. If you did not now, Bulgaria was the 4th country established in ancient Europe. The Cyril and Methodius brother who had invented the Cyrillic alphabet are also Bulgarians. The inventor of the PC – John Atanasov also  origins from my lovely country.

I can speak four hours about this wonderful place on Earth, about my Eden. I hope this also will come one day, your paradise. Yes, dear visitor and reader: paradise is where you feel better and where hearts drives you to. If we do not listen to our hearts , then we are lost. We have become to robots , who are doing their routine business.

There are hundreds of interesting and amazing countries all around the Globe, but I will try to give you my point of view and to explain you why should come and see:

1.Nature in Bulgaria is more than beautiful. We have numerous mountains : Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina, Rodopi , Strandja, Sakar and Vitosha ( the mountain near Sofia). You can go there for skiing or just enjoy the peace and inner relax.

2. Welcome to our sea – Black sea. There are many resorts on it , which deserve to be seen and stayed at : Zlatni Piasuci, Sluntchev Briag, Sozolop, Kiten , Primorsko, Sinemorez, Lozenetez. Also not forgetting to mention Varna and Burgas, the biggest cities on sea side.

3. You should taste our splendid cuisine with numerous dishes , salads and home made specialties. Every region in my country has its wonderful dishes. When you eat salad , you should definitely try it with “rakia” It is liquor common to vodka, but home made with taste of plumb , apple or grape.

4. When speaking of grapes, you should try the popular and world known Bulgarian wines. It is popular nowadays the so called “wine tourism”. I will keep in secret some good red and white wines. When you come to my country , you should taste and get convinced in my words.

5. Bulgarian folklore music is unbelievable. ” The mystery of Bulgarian voices ” – this is a group, a vocal one which goes on concert all around the globe. Valia Balkanska with here song ” Izleial e Delio haidutin( Went out Deljo the rebbel) ” is in the open space in some space shuttles. The Bulgarian pipes sound like a sign from above.

6. The Bulgarian ” yogurt” – it is a marvelous taste of eternal love and devotion. You can have it as “tarator” – cold soup with cucumbers and yogurt , also oyu can eat it with honey and nuts . The tradiotanl airan is also tasting good, it is yogurt with water and some ice cubes.

7. There are many caves in our numerous mountains. If you are attracted by this, you fell most welcome to come and see.

Thank you for your time. If you intend to come soon to my lovely country – Bulgaria, do not forget to bring your family and friends. Have your best day -today.

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