Why we love?

Hello, all. It is nice having you around again. We are speaking and will be speaking permanently in the future about Eastern Europe , Bulgaria and its  neighbors. For those, who come here for the first time, this is my blog, I am Bulgarian and I love my country. All I want to do is to make you love it, buy yourself.

What actually love is ? Is it about that mad beats in the heart or about that strange look in the eyes? Or it is about the magic in the air that we breathe? All these questions can be answered here , here in Bulgaria.

You may think I am a prank, some idiot or crazy man, who has nothing to do, but write silly posts in his  national blog. No, you are not correct – I have a wonderful job and I do not have plenty of time to waste. I am here to share with you my love, to my country.

Just close your eyes  and imagine you are here . Here in a beautiful country, with a wonderful nature, nice people and music from ages to ages. In order to get deeply in love you have to open all your senses and perceptions , you have to feel, see, listen – to be a verb by yourself and to feel the vibes.  Yes, the vibrations are making this country , wonderful and adorable.

You have to see and hear how birds are singing in the spring time, you have to smell and taste the traditional Bulgarian cuisine , cooked and made in the small villages. You have to smell the summer on the sea-side and let the sand sweep down from your fingers to your body.

You have to listen to 100 kaba gaidi ( back pipes). Pipes are the instruments that we and Scottish people only have . This instrument and the spirit in it, has kept the Bulgarian spirit high and free during the 500 years of Ottoman Yoke. Back pipes make your blood shiver and makes you feel and turn into an eagle , floating deeply true the vast and magnificently blue sky above Rodopi mountain.

You have to watch Nestinari. These are men and women dancing in trance on a coat of just fired fire, they are holding icons of holy man and women and dance in trance. This is something unique, which you cannot see in another country in the world.

You have to dance a Bulgarian horo. This is a traditional Bulgarian dance. As Japanese people, they are mad about all connected with Bulgaria.

You have to taste rakia and kiselo mliako ( yogurt).

You may never come to this blog again, but.. Just give your self a time to think. If you are on an excursion to Serbia, Turkey, Greece or Macedonia , leave a few days , jump over the borders and see if my words were just a waste of your and mine time :):):)

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