Wien – music for the eyes

Good day, dear friends. It is very cold in my country, all is covered with snow, temperature is -10 degrees Celsius , but I am fine and ready to write. We have been to one of the cities in Europe , which is considered to be a cradle of culture, art and music.


Yes ,  I am speaking about Wien. It is not just a marvelous architectural masterpiece. The whole city is like a music, like a song which gently invites you to dance, and to dance till the end of you days on this planet. There are so many beautiful buildings, boulevards, castles, the Prater – the famous park of the city……



I can speak with names : Belvedere, Shonbrunn, the marveous Zoo in Shonburnn park, the old part of the city, the tiny tramps, the all taxies , which ara all : Mercedez, BMW and Porche. To speak about the calm and gentle spirit of the city. If you want me , I can remain silent.


The funny thing is that , Wien is like a big heart which welcomes everyone, no matter if they are citizens, tourist or firs and last time visitors. Same feeling , I had while I have been to Rome and Prague,maybe common emotion I had in Budapest.


The city , the former capital of the Holly Roman Empire, never sleeps, and she does not want you yo sleep, to feel bad or in bad mood. There are such special places, that when you come, see, feel them, you realize that they will last forever in your heart. And also they will want to come back and see, picture, speak about them.


We also have been to Shonbrunn Palace and Belvedere. What to say? When you have faced such a remarkable masterpieces of architecture , you just remain silent. The same emotion I had , when I had entered the Colloseum 7 years ago. Man can do and achieve anything. It is not only about will and money. It is about the constant search of harmony and mathematical expression of love, music and geometry…..


What about the citizens of Wien? Very, very nice people. Always open and wanting to help you. If you do not speak German, do not worry, most of them speak and understand English. The prices are high, but this is normal, this is the capital with one of the biggest tourist flow for decades.


One thing I would like to recommend you.. Go to the Zoo in Schonbrun Palace – Garden, it is just remarkable.. The most interesting thing for me was to see a panda live. Here is our Zoo in Sofia, we do not have such bear…. What are you waiting, pack and travel to one of the most eminent city in the world ……



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