Zagreb – love and more

Good day , dear visitors. This story will be very special and interesting. This is how I feel , when I write about one of my favorite countries, excluding my home country – Bulgaria. This is a country , which has rich history , good people, nice climate, good wines and marvelous nature. As you have seen from the section of this article, it will be about some Balkan country , some country , which also has nice Adriatic sea beaches and has been known in the past as the Roman Province – Dalmatia and also the dogs Dalmatians, have their origin from this place.


I have visited this beautiful place 3 year ago, when we were going to the gorgeous city of Dubrovnik. It was one of my dreamed destinations, after the eternal city of Rome. But actually my interest date back in time, when I used to play professionally basketball, I had one idol , one man , one star and one humble person, who showed to the athletes in the USA , how good a white boy can be. How good a man can be in the eyes of his team-mates , in the eyes of everyone. He is an angel and he is watching us from somewhere, whit his honest and deep eyes. Rest in peace, Drajen. You are a hero of many people, from all around the world.


So you will think what is the common between Drajen and the heading of this post. He played for the team of Cibona Zagreb and also his statue is in front on the basketball hall. I could not see it, but I was watching on the T.V when the statue was ready and all the people in the crowd, were smiling and crying joyfully.


The capital of Croatia,Zagreb is one very beautiful city with lovely blue tramps.  I do not know do they have in common with the color of the local football titan- Dynamo Zagreb, but they are marvelous. We did have time to walk and take picture in the center of the city , and we got really touched. Touched by the beautiful weather and the clam atmosphere. Many tourists and interesting architecture . Also I realized that the tie was invented in Croatia, as have seen many shops for men fashion with only hand-made ties on their windows. I had intended to write a lot, but usually when there is a big post, you got lost your audience somewhere in the begging of it.  I will add some more information and will let the pictures speak by themselves. You can shop in Croatia with Kunas, which is their national value – 7.5 kuna is 1 euro. In some of the shops local people can take euro as well. Also the city is very clean, people are hospitable, their  ice-cream and beer are wonderful :):) I felt in love with this city , if you think that you can have and feel the same grab the first train, bus or go with your car, you will never regret for this choice :



P.s One last thing I forgot to mention. the War of Independence of Croatia with Serbia 1991-1996 started on the Stadium Maximir, the home place and stadium of Dynamo Zagreb. It was the CUP Final between Dynamo and Crvena Zvezda. I will not go on to details, but there is one thing I ought to say , I clearly remember the scene how Zvonimir Boban is protecting a Croatian fan from the police forces….




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