Zlatograd – Deljo voevoda and the spirit of freedom

Hello, dear all. Visitors from all around the globe. Maybe at first, you will be my guests here and after you will make the decision to come and see my lovely country – Bulgaria. To see, to recommend and to bring next time many friends with you 🙂


Zlatograd is very interesting town in Rodopi mountain ( by the way this is one of my favorite mountains). The name of the city, literally in English would sold the Golden town , as it used to have a very strong and highly developed mining industry. Also this is the home place of one Bulgarian most loved and powerful revolutionaries from freedom from Ottoman yoke – Deljo voevoda ( in Bulgarian voevoda  is standing for a small armed group of men around 200 – 300 who were fighting with the regular army in Ottoman empire).



I will put the things from another angel , from a different point of view. Usually when you are reading new posts about new places, you would like to know where it is situated, how to get to there, what are the costs of the souvenirs, what traditional food to eat and how much the cabs will be .. I will tell you another name Valya Balkanska…


She is a singer of a traditional Bulgarina music and here voice has traveled the space with both “Voyager ” shuttles with the song ” Izlez e Deljo hajdutin ” ( Deljo hajdutin has been went off ). She was discovered by American – Michael Koening and he said that this song of this singer will be in the Golden disk and will be one of our messages to the universe…. When you listen to this song, you stand still, maybe a tear or more will drop from your eyes and even with not knowing the text  , you will feel the magic ? I am saying the magic, because this is the magic that was in the spirit of Deljo voeovda  , also in the voice of Valya Balkanska and not on the last place in the lovely town of Zlatograd.


We have been there during the Deljo voevoda festival ( days of memorizing and celebrating his memory). This is a memory of a very strong man, who was hard to be killed , that’s way he was killed with a bullet made by silver coin, which was stolen from him. The place where he was killed , there is a monument which is called the Stone of Deljo voevoda, also there is a big memorial of this legendary man and hero in the center of the city.


During these several days of festival – the people are in the old traditional clothes, it is like how the market place has been done 200 years ago. There are peoples singing, dancing and also the most famous Bulgarian musicians with back pipes… This is just a miracle, I wish all of you to see and to feel this atmosphere. All the scenes took and take part in the complex which is with all reconstructed houses and paved streets . This all has been done by  engineer Alexander Milushev.  The Deljo voevida festive days are hold in the third decade of month of September close to or on the date of our Independence – 22nd of September.


After you have been to the festive days with people around the streets you should have to go to the traditional restaurants in the center, where they cook delicious. You should taste the potatoes from Zlatograd and their traditional meat specialties. I bet , you would be more satisfied then me, if you take the chance and come to see ths wonderful place 🙂



On the last place there are many interesting churches to be seen – “Saint George ” and ” Uspenie Bogorodichno“. I forgot to mention that the town is 300 km south east from Sofia , 60 km from Smolyan and it is very close to the border with Greece.


What else I can say to you, when you enter in the city of Ztatograd  you feel some special magic, some special power and feeling that the mountain is watching you. There is something , which stays down – deep in your heart and makes you feel and share this wonderful experience. Zlatograd ( Golden town) is waiting for you, come one do not waste your time, hurry and pack… This voyage will be one of your favorite and maybe the best one…..



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