Lovely place called Bulgaria


My home place and home countries are Sofia and Bulgaria. For those who are not aware it is a lovely place in Eastern Europe between Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, and Turkey. We have many beautiful sightseeing and lovely views.

This is the birthplace of Yavorov, Vazov, Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, John Atanasov ( the inventor of the computer), general Ivan Vazov, Stefan Stambolov, car Boris , Cyril and Methodius ( the holly brothers who had created the Cyrillic alphabet), Hristo Stoichkov, Georgi Asparuhov, Berbatov and Grigor Dimitrov. We are speaking about small country with population of over 7,5 mln people but a land full of talented and good people.

You have probably heard about the Bulgarian yogurt, wine, local meals, the national songs and dancings and of course pipes ( gaida- this is an instrument that only we and the Scotnalds have).

I can tell you a lot of things but, please be my guest for a longer period and find the secrets you want and need to learn.